Message from Club President

Happy New Year!  A new year brings with it new challenges.  For the club, it means creating interesting and exciting activities to encourage the get-together of its members.  The success of the club relies on the active participation of its members so I thank you in advanced for your support in however and whichever ways that you can give. 

This coming annual general meeting in March 2011 will be about the election of the new board of committee members for the next two years.  All are invited and I look forward to seeing many of you there.  

To join the club or to renew your club membership, you can do so on that day or via bank transfer.  Thank you and I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. 

New members

My name is Hui-Ling Ng and I was originally born in Penang, Malaysia. I've been living in Munich since 2007. Before that, Frankfurt was my home for 7 years. I've been living in Germany for almost 12 years now. My husband, Olaf hails from Hamburg and has been living in Munich for 30 years now. Our daughter, Vanessa just turned 3 years' old on February 5th this year. We are lucky to have found the Malaysian Club as it gives us an opportunity to catch up with fellow Malaysians who live in the Munich and surrounding area. We look forward to meeting more fellow members in the future.

Tan Lay Peng from Penang, is married to Ingo Zielke.  They live in Munich with their 4 boys: Zino, Nico, Ben and Jonas.  With the newest addition (Jonas) to her family, her hands and time are rather tied-up otherwise she enjoys getting together with fellow Malaysians for good food and a good time.

February 13: CNY Dinner in Kam Yi

It was full in the Kam Yi restaurant.  Our two long tables nearly took up half of the room.  Many members and non-members turned up for the Chinese New Year dinner.  Amongst us were two new family members present.  A short and sweet speech was given by I-Leng and then she on behalf of the club, gave out Ang Pows to the children and the single members of the club.

March 02:  MCB at the Malaysia Europe Forum MEF

To be honest I didn’t have any motivation to go there.  But now, I have to say that I would have regretted it if I hadn’t gone.  So what was it all about?  “The global green agenda: Securing a sustainable future” was the motto of the day.

Actually this forum was held for all those companies who would like to share their views and ideas about green technology.  We heard very profound reports.  After the introduction, the welcoming and opening address, the forum started with two reports, both moderated by H.E,Datuk Zakaria Sulung Ambassador of Malaysia to the Federal Republic of Germany:
  • “Towards Tomorrows Economy, Today” held by Datuk Jalilah Baba, General Director of MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority), who by the way is soon opening another office here in Munich. 
  • Second, we heard a review summarizing “Balancing Consumer Demands of Sustainable Products with Business Expectations” By Mr. Danny Ong, Vice-President Sales & Marketing of Top Glove Berhad.
Part  II was headlined by “Promoting Responsible Business: Impact on Community, Environment and Marketplace” moderated by Ms Millicent Danker, member, board of trustees of MEF. Tan Sri Dato Ir.Jamilus Hussein, Chairman, Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia eloquently talked about “Turning Green - The Construction Sectors Takes the Lead “. Followed by Mr. Marcus Strangmueller of Siemens AG who gave a good summary about his company efforts in different green fields of the industrial market: “Sustainability - a World of Opportunities”

Right after lunch we had the IIIrd and second last part “Alternative & sustainable growth policies: what can Malaysia offer?” moderated by H.E.Dr.Guenter Gruber, Ambassador of the FRG to Malaysia.

First Mr. M R Chandran, advisor to the executive board, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm OIL (RSPO): “RSPO: a global standard for sustainable Palm Oil” and Dr. Nagendra Bala Sundram Minister Counsellor-Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Embassy of Malaysia and Mission of  Malaysia to the European Communities, Brussels about the topic: ”Palm Oil: Friend not Foe”. Both fighting eloquently and profoundly for the sustainability of Palm Oil compared with other oil-products like sesame or rapseed-oil. It was merely the best I have ever heard about the Palm Oil Industry.

It only was topped by the last and best speech I have ever heard by Tun Musa Hitam Chairman of Sime Darby Group Malaysia about: “Sustainability Taking a Leaf from Malaysia’s Plantations Industry”.  You would have been fascinated by him and his report.

And what had Malaysia Club Bayern to offer?  We left our addresses and web-page to the MEF for all those people who will come for some time to Munich or Bavaria within the next foreseeable future and would like to contact us to participate in our activities or even better, to become new members.
For all those who couldn’t participate in the forum, here’s the web link to MEF.

By Hans G. Borchart

March 20: AGM in Eine Welt Haus

The annual general meeting was brought to order at 3 pm.  Like in previous years, it was a time to reflect on past events, how it could improve, the club’s expenses, etc and then to plan the coming year’s activities.  Amidst all this, there were foods aplenty on the table.  Some were contributions from fellow members.  Farah and Kan-Ern brought individually wrapped Nasi Lemak and a type of Malay kuih wrapped in pandan leaves into a square shape.  The club itself sponsored two cakes and tea bags.  Others brought tid-bits and various Malaysian instant coffee powder to share around.

April 17: Bowling Tournament in Hollywood Bowling

This was the first time a bowling competition was organized by the club.  Farah and I-Leng were in-charged and it was a success.   Many people turned up.  Initially we thought four lanes would be enough, but in the end we had five lanes altogether.  Best of all, one lane was used just by the little ones guided by a few willing single members.  Allow me to say thank you all very much.  It was like baby-sitting for us parents so much so that the other four lanes for adults were given a fair competitive chance, not counting the ability of each individual.  The group winner for the competition was Toby’s group!  Win or not, we all agreed it was fun and look forward to the next bowling match in 2011.

June 13: Sports & Potluck Day in Hort Unterhaching

Thanks to Aine and Toby’s connection to the Hort in Unterhaching, we managed to get the use of its dining room and its sports hall for our sports and potluck day.  The “fee” to participate was a potluck dish.  It was very nice to see that every inch of the buffet table was taken up with delectable Malaysian dishes.

 We started off with the sports part.  Toby did a splendid job in organizing the various games.  It was a lot of fun.  A few did not participate in the games because they had to take care of the little ones, but those who did, enjoyed themselves immensely.
We went back to the kitchen/dining area for the second part.  It was feasting time.  There were so many yummy Malaysian foods.  And plenty to go around.  We ate to our hearts content. 

Then we all went back to the sports hall for the prize giving.  That marked the end of the program.  Together we all cleaned and brought the place back to rights.  We are very thankful to be given that opportunity to use the Hort facilities.

July 04: Blomberg

Already in the morning, it proved to be a warm day.  We met early at the Munich Hauptbahnhof.  Got on the train and settled down for the ride.  From Bad Tölz we took a short bus ride to Blomberg.  Once there, we went up the mountain with the Blombergbahn.  That’s a two seater lift.  We hopped onto the chair two at a time.  Very soon we arrived at the top. 

Greeneries.  Fresh air.  Wonderful scenery.  That was what greeted us there.  We started walking towards the Blomberghaus.  It was quite a bit of a walk.  Along the way we saw some artfully done paintings on trees and wood carvings.  We were quite hungry when we reached the restaurant.  Hui Ling and family joined us at that point. 

After a good and hearty lunch we split into two groups.  One group took the Blombergbahn down and the other group went by Germany’s longest Sommerrodelbahn. At the bottom once again, the children were attracted by the small entertainment park. There’s a driving station where children can drive Mini-Karts and Mini-Bikes. Steffi loved the Bungee Trampolin.  Where were the adults?  Those who were not standing by looking after the children were at the Blombergtenne (café) having coffee and cakes.

Then Hui Ling and family drove home by car while the rest of us took the bus back to the train station, which brought us back to Munich, tired but happy.

Nov 13 D&D Gemeindehalle in Fürstenried West

The evening was a big success! No wonder, with all the time and effort put into the planning and preparation by the committee.  By 18:00 hours, the foods were on the buffet tables, the drinks corner set up and the decoration of the dining area all ready. The guests started arriving.  Amongst them were Mr. Ahmad Tajuddin Omar, the Director of MIDA and his son.  Additionally, there was a family from as far as Nürnberg with us that night.

The MC took to the mike, welcomed everyone then passed it to the president for her opening speech.  Then the buffet was declared opened.  It was as close to the original Malaysia fare as you can get.  To name a few dishes that was served that night; Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Vegetable Urap, Prawn and Sotong Sambal…

There were interesting games put together and a live band for entertainment.  The location was optimal for the children.  They could run about without needing continual supervision.  Thanks go to Hans for introducing us to that place.  When it was over, the committee and other members stayed back to bring the place back in order. 

Dec 12:  Chriskindlmarkt Rosenheim

The club likes to do something in the Advent period. What is more befitting than to go visit a Christmas market?  So we all met early on at the Hauptbahnhof to catch the train to Rosenheim. Before we could really warm our seats and eat all the Christmas cookies that Jeya brought, we have arrived. At the Bahnhof, we were greeted by a fellow Malaysian, Mohammad Najib who lives and works in Rosenheim. 

Franz and family arrived by car. Together we walked to the Altstadt. It was drizzling but that did not deter us.  We did window shopping while at the same time looked out for a nice Bayrisch restaurant. Finally we all decided on a nice and charming Gasthof Stockhammer right in the heart of Rosenheim.

The rain stopped sometime while we were having lunch.  We could therefore walked around comfortably looking at the goods from stall to stall.  Especially interesting for the children was the candle stand where you could buy a plain candle and then dip it in various coloured wax to make your own one-of-a-kind candle.   

After some time has passed, we thought a nice warm coffee would warm us up so we went to a rather quaint coffee shop which served very nice coffee in cups that looks like bowls. Then we gave Najib our well-wishes, bade him Auf Wiedersehen and waited at the platform for the train which eventually brought us home.

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