Foreword from the Club President

I thank you all for your trust in my capabilities as the club president once again.  The club strives to accommodate the interest of all the different age-groups in its activities and hope that the many student members who have joined and those who are still considering whether to join or not, will find that we try to make it as interesting and dynamic as we can.  One thing is for sure, you young members have infused "new blood" into our club.  To all members, young and senior and everyone in-between, I appreciate and hope for your continual support and participation.  Thank you.

January: Chinese New Year Dinner

The Malaysia Club Bayern opened the year 2009 with the Chinese New Year dinner celebration on January 17th at Fuh Guei Restaurant in Boschetsrieder Straße 51, Obersendling.  Many Malaysian students in Munich joined us in this festive gathering.  While it was nice that many people turned-up, it was unfortunate that some of them had to sit outside the reserved Wintergarten section because all the seats were taken up.  Nevertheless, we managed to mingle with each other on our way to and fro from the Buffet area as well as in-between meals.

February: MCB AGM

It was time again to elect the new board of committee members.  The meeting was held on the 15th of February at Eine Welt Haus.  The election went very smoothly and soon enough, the new committee members were formed.  There were a lot of finger foods set out for our enjoyment.  So that we did not have to thirst, there were mineral water, fruit juices and the various types of Malaysian coffee such as Kopi-O, Ipoh White Coffee and the one coffee that got us winks and good-natured elbowing:  Kopi Tongkat Ali Power!  

March:  Trip to Deutsches Museum

We met at the entrance of the Deutsches Museum on a cool Sunday afternoon, the 15th of March 2009.  Many of the parents brought their children along.  After everybody has arrived, we all went in together.  As soon as we entered inside the hall, our group broke up into sub-groups and eventually each one went his/her own way because there were so many different things to see and all of us had different levels of interest on different topics.  Once in a while we would meet each other before drifting off again.  But we did set up a time when we should meet again at a certain place. 

We all met again at 4:45 pm at the main hall.  The museum closes its doors at 5:00 pm.  We went out into a light drizzle.  Thankfully it did not develop into a proper rain.  We were all hungry by then, so after a little discussion, settled on an Italian restaurant, Bella Italia in Au-Haidhausen, S-Bahn Rosenheimer Platz.  Since the museum sits smack in-between S-Bahn station Isartor and Rosenheimer Platz, we decided to just walk to Rosenheimer Platz.

We were lucky that we were early and the restaurant could put their tables together to form a long rectangle for us.  As we ate and talked and had fun, people kept coming and had to wait for tables!  The restaurant was filled to the brim! 

The food was good at a very affordable price.  There was however a hitch with Mas’ order but after a long long wait, the food came and at the end of the meal, she was compensated with a dessert dish.  And due to Shamsie’s good-natured teasing with the waiter, she managed to get us all a lollipop each.

March: Dinner - Kam Lung China Restaurant

On the 27th of March 2009, the Malaysia Bayern Club had a get-together dinner at the Kam Lung China-Restaurant.

Dinner was pre-ordered. We had some special dishes such as the Peking duck, steamed sea bass (Wolfsbarsch) and mussel. They were served on a round rotating glass on the middle of the table and we could share the food just like the way Malaysians would have their meal at a local Chinese restaurant in Malaysia.

About 15 people attended the dinner including children and we had two tables.  After dinner, a few of us stayed back and had coffee.  We were treated each to a bowl of Pulut Hitam, which literally means "Black Rice". It is a common Malaysian dessert that consists mainly of black glutinous rice, gula Melaka (Malaccan sugar) and coconut milk.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening with good food and company, just the way Malaysians enjoy their evenings, even in Germany.  

By Soh I Leng

April: Trip to Chiemsee

On the 18th of April , which was a Saturday, Shirlyn with four of her friends and Hans and I met at the Hauptbahnhof to take the train to Prien. There we took a bus to Gstadt, where we met Franz and Yvonne with their two children. Together we took a boat to the Fraueninsel, where we saw the famous grave of Irmgard, the first abbess of the nunnery, who passed away in 866 ac.

Nearby was a shop selling freshly smoked fish, so some of us bought fish to take back.  From there we took the boat to Herrenchiemsee. Before visiting the castle we went for lunch because we were quite hungry by then. To our disappointment the only restaurant there was being renovated so we had to go to the make-shift tent that served only fast food. We nearly wanted to take out our fish to eat it but we made do with Leberkäs and Würstchen.

We proceeded from there to a guided tour of the castle of King Ludwig II, who constructed this castle as a copy of Versailles of King Ludwig XIV of France. Then we visited the museum within the castle.  Soon we had enough of history and culture and treated ourselves to coffee and cake.  We took the boat back to Prien and to our train. Franz and his family took the boat back to Gstadt, where they had parked their car. We had a nice time as usual and the weather was better than expected, in fact too warm for some.

By Jeya and Hans


The Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Mustapa bin Mohamed with the aid of His Excellency  Datuk Zakaria Sulong, Ambassador of Malaysia to the Federal Republic of Germany organised an impromtu gathering in the Bayrischer Hof to meet with fellow Malaysian students and also the Malaysian community  living in Bayern.

May: Cooking and Stammtisch Gathering

In conjunction with Mothers’ Day on the 10th of May, the MCB met at the Hort in Unterhaching for a late morning of cooking.  Our fellow member Aini, who works at the Hort got permission from her employers for us to use the grounds and its facilities.  Her direct boss, Toby even helped set up the tables, benches and decorations.  On top of all that, he also baked us a tray of apple crumble cake.  Thank you Toby! 

Some of us went there earlier to help prepare the ingredients like cutting, dicing, cleaning and whatever needed to be done, while a few more did the cooking.  When the foods were ready, we carried them all down to the garden and set them out Buffet style. 

In addition to a few members who arrived a little later, a group of Malaysian students from Rosenheim also joined us and we all sat down to a very nice Malaysian lunch.  Later we had coffee with Toby’s Apple Cake and our local Kuih Bengka.

The little ones had board games, papers and colour pencils to entertain themselves.  Once in a while, the adults were drawn in to play with them.  On the other side of the garden, the young adults played football and I don’t know what else since I did not go and take a look, just heard the squeal, teasing and laughter from where I was sitting. 

Much later, we all returned everything back to its place; foods were "ta-pau"ed to be given to whoever wanted it and then after everything was neat and tidy again, we left.

June: Visit by Y.B. Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam

The Malaysian Minister of Human Resources, Y.B. Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam and his wife together with the Ambassador of Malaysia, His Excellency Datuk Zakaria Sulong and his wife, called for a gathering at Westin Grand Arabellapark on the 7th of June in his interest to meet and interact with Malaysian community and students in Munich.

June: Concert in the Residenz

Weeks earlier, Amsyar, our student member told us he will be playing violin in a concert.  Straight away we asked him when and where it will be held and then said, we would go and give him our support. 

We all met in Odeonsplatz in front of the two big lions at 19:40 on Tuesday the 16th.  Amsyar was with us in his shirt and jeans!?!  When everybody has arrived we walked into the Herkulessaal der Residenz. 

The first part of the evening started off with a group of choir singing songs from Haydn.  The second part saw Amsyar in his tux and the rest of the orchestral members walking in and taking their place to play Mendelssohn’s symphonies.  The concert ended with the choir and the orchestra performing together.

After the nice performance,  we went for late snacks and drinks at the nearby Biergarten.  Before we left, we said, let’s do this again the next time Amsyar is playing in a concert.

June: Trip to Königsee

Hans and Jaya Borchart, I-Leng, Josephene Kissol-Kretz, Shirlene Wok-Meyer and I, met on the 28th of June at 7.30 on Sunday morn, to travel to Königsee for the day. We started out despite the rain and cheered each other up along the way on the train with coffee, biscuits and nuts. We changed trains and were lucky enough to be able to share the Bayern ticket with fellow passengers who were kind enough to allow us to ride on their ticket.  Finally after a couple of hours on the trains and a short bus ride, we arrived at the breathtaking Königssee, where we boarded the ferry for the short ride to the isles of St. Bartholomew.  . 

The island is a National Park, which has survived the ravages of many past storms but Nature is allowed to revive and resurrect herself in all her glory of the tall pines, the crystal clear ice cold water which has a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius even in the summertime. 

Königsee is truly a lake that is maintained in all its natural glory with the surrounding hills and mountains shutting out all interruptions of motor cars. Motor boats are not allowed, no water skiing or surfing. Fishing is only permitted to the owners and inhabitants with special passes.

The Captain of the ferry surprised and entertained us with his trumpet to which we heard the echoes. It was a wonderful experience, even to hear the waterfall sparkling and tumbling on the rocks and down the cliffs edges.  This was a rare experience for all of us and the wonder of nature silenced us to listen and revel and rejuvenate ourselves in its magnificence.

Hans was our mountain climber of the day and left us ladies to enjoy our coffee, cake and hot chocolate while he explored the mountain a short way up. 

I-Leng was our photographer of the day and her pictures, we hope will take your breath away and assist us in organising another such trip. We feasted on a wonderful, healthy meal of fresh fish, grilled and served with lemon and finished off with cake. Finally, tired out, we set off on our homeward journey, but, not before we bought souvenirs from the Mountain Crystal stores at reasonable prices.  Berg Crystal chains and bracelets found their place in our shopping bags.  We reached Munich safe and sound, after a lovely day.  I for one enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to many such trips.  Our warmest thanks go out to Hans and to all who arranged the trip and the tickets and the printing of the timetable and so on.

Auf Wiedersehen until the Summer Sports day on Sunday 12.07.2009.

By Alison Pereira

Introducing our new members and welcoming our infant members

Karsten Korbel and Linda Low

Karsten is a Dip. Engr, graduating from the University of Applied Sciences, Regensburg and read for his MBA with the University of Liverpool.  He is currently employed by Cocus (Company for Customers), a consulting company for the Telecommunications & IT sector. 

Linda holds a BBA (Human Resource Management) from Western Michigan University, USA and worked for 10 years with EML-BNB Executive Search, an executive search company in Kuala Lumpur.

Karsten and Linda met in 1999 and married in 2004 in KL, Malaysia. Linda moved to Germany in 2005 and settled in Karsten's hometown in Straubing.  Due to Karsten's work, they relocated to Munich (Zamdorf/Bogenhausen) in October 2008 and out of boredom, she set out to find other Malaysians, locating the MCB through ''Uncle Google''. 

Their son, Dexter Yan Korbel was born on the 22nd of March 2009 at Klinikum Rechts der Isar, after a long (long, long, long ...) birth and weighed in at a whopping 3.9kg!!  Length 55cm.  Last week at the doctor's office he made both his parents proud ... weighing in at 7.2kg at 3 months 2 weeks!!  :-)

New baby in the club

Xavi Goh Wie-Yi is the son of happy parents, Valerie and Ronnie.  Javier, his older brother positively dotes on him.

Xavi is born on the 18th of March 2009 at 4:59 am weighing 2800 grams with a length of 49 cm.


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