Foreword from the Club President

My dear members, I thank you all for your participation and your help in making last year’s 10th Anniversary Lunch a success.  Many thanks to the Malaysian Embassy’s dignitaries for gracing our event with their presence and the generous contribution for the good of the club.  I would also like to express my deep appreciation to all the contributors whom with their help, made the lucky draw possible.  I encourage you all to continue to give your time and support to ensure the survival of this club.

And now, let us welcome the year of the Ox by celebrating the Chinese New Year celebration together.  May the New Year (both Chinese and Western) bring us all happiness, health and wealth.

Thank you!

August 23: Merdeka day BBQ

It was a warm late summer afternoon when we arrived at Christine's house. The exuberance of her three little girls provided a pleasant welcome for us and our little boy. Very soon the house was teeming with MCB members. Scrumptious food decked the tables outside on the terrace.  Berthold provided the grill facilities for our use.  We all brought our own meat to grill, drinks were sponsored by the club and several members contributed additional side-dishes such as coconut pudding and fried noodles. After lunch we sat around chatting, and the children played with each other. It was an enjoyable way to spend a weekend in conjunction with the Merdeka Celebration

Contributed by: Geraldine Greiner

September 28: Stammtisch

The club members met at Lok’s restaurant, “Chantik Malaysia” in Gröbenzell on Sunday the 28th of September for its Stammtisch gathering.  After having enjoyed the tasty Malaysian lunch, the committee members gathered to discuss the program and activities for the rest of the year.

October 10: Hari Raya Celebration 

On October 11th we all met at an Italian -Indian - Restaurant in Unterhaching which had a good buffet to celebrate Hari Raya. As usual the group was split between those who came on time and those who came "Malaysian time".

So some of the early birds left shortly after the others had more or less just arrived. Nevertheless everybody had a good time chatting with each other as you can see from the photos here and on our homepage.

Contributed by: Hans Gottfried Borchart

October 25: Stammtisch

On the 25th of October, we had our normal Stammtisch at Asia Restaurant behind Maltesar which I would have joined as well, if I hadn't had to stay in hospital due to a bicycle accident that day. The last preparations for our ten years anniversary were discussed at that meeting.

Contributed by: Hans Gottfried Borchart

November 23: MCB 10th Anniversary Lunch

In the afternoon of 24th November 2008, early snowfalls in Munich halted long enough to allow Malaysia Club Bayern to celebrate its 10th anniversary at Restaurant Cantik Malaysia in Gröbenzell, in the northwest just outside of Munich. 

This was an eventful afternoon, with distinguished guest; the Ambassador of Malaysia, His Excellency Datuk Zakaria Sulong in attendance. Ambassador Sulong was accompanied by Mr. Muzafar Shah Mustafa, the Deputy Head of Mission and his family plus Mr Haniff Omar, the Minister Counsellor.

His Excellency Ambassador Datuk Sulong battled airline delays to make his appearance and was rewarded with a Nasi Lemak entrée as Master of Ceremonies Christine Tan commenced the proceedings by welcoming guests and inviting MCB President Shirlyn Wok Meyer to give her opening remarks.

The existence of the MCB, in its various forms during the decade of its history would not have been possible without the strong support of its members and the tireless efforts by its executives, committee members, auditors and webmaster Alfred Molon, all of whom received Shirlyns sincerest gratitude.

Ambassador Datuk Sulong opened the celebration by presenting to an euphoric and totally surprised Shirlyn on behalf of the MCB, a surprise €2.400 contribution on behalf of the Malaysian Government in recognition of the clubs success and efforts in promoting Malaysian values in Germany. 

The Ambassador went on to explain his delight in supporting the MCBs continual espousal of good Malaysian values.  This was particular at a time where some undesirable elements such as Credit Card fraud and Illicit Substance Courier linked to Malaysians have surfaced in Germany.  Like its sibling in Baden-Württemberg, the German-Malaysian Society and others, the MCB plays an important role in demonstrating the warmth, honesty and rich cultural diversity of the Malaysian people.

The variety in the Malaysian buffet continued to be enjoyed by everyone among a hive of activity - great table conversation among guests – catching up on old times, the recipe critique and more makan discussions - and with the embassy staff, the sale of raffle tickets and of course, the children just being children. 

Ambassador Datuk Sulong took the floor a second time that afternoon, this time to advice the following;
  • The establishment of a MIDA (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority) office in Munich.
  • Availability of Wolfgang Ley, the Malaysian Honorary Consul in Munich and
  • The importance of Malaysians to register in order for the embassy to identify its citizens and offer assistance in time of need but more importantly that non registration may lead to Malaysian citizenship being rescinded as conditioned in the Malaysian passport.
Music prodigy Sow Peck Yin presented a medley of tunes on viola with classical music, modern as well as some Malaysian favourites.  In fact, I think this was the first time we’ve ever heard “Burung Kakak Tua” and “Rasa Sayang” presented on strings.

The mini individual-concert by the tiny tots was held back for a few tense moments, possibly by stage fright.  Thanks to some careful coercing by the MC, the future generation commenced their performance with the sharing of some jokes.  This broke the ice as one child after the other, felt increasingly comfortable with the microphone and the sound of their voices entertaining all.  Even the daughter of our Embassy guest Muzafar Shah Mustafa gave the MCB a helping hand by having the audience join in her rendition of “Burung Kakak Tua”.  It was good fun had by all, even if some of the words appear “fusionised”.

Vice President Hans-Gottfried Borchart took the audience on a 10 year trip down memory lane – evidencing how Malaysia Club Bayern had evolved in name and logo to what it is today.  It was especially interesting to learn of what it took to incorporate the club in Germany and the valiant efforts by the committee in organising and administering the various stammtisch throughout the years.  Steady chants of “umm..” and “ahh..” among members when images of the various gathering was presented could be heard throughout Hans’ feature, clearly prompting some memories.  Whilst some were admiring what was done in the past, a “I didn’t look too good in that dress” comment tells me some had different thoughts in mind.

Members, who endured the 10 years of MCB’s history were also later recognised with gifts – all were known to many, even Lok, the owner of Restaurant Chantik Malaysia.

The gathering after that quickly took resemblance of a mini bingo hall for a period of time as the entertainment progressed to the Lucky Draw. Many prizes were handed out during the Lucky draw at late afternoon.  It was clear that the committee did a good job in selling tickets that evening as everyone appeared to have at least 5 tickets displayed on their table.  I have to say that the atmosphere was positive – “the next one is mine” and “I’m just waiting for the big prize” constantly being repeated by some people, who unfortunately also went home empty handed.

As the event drew to a close, the committee members sprung back to action. This time to help bring the restaurant back to its presentable state.  A tireless act, but we mustn’t forget to consider over the 10 years what it took to manage a multicultural society within a society of one strict culture: the kaleidoscope of food, fun and friendship endorsed by its Government – means that success was well deserved.  We all look forward to the next 10 years to come. Congratulations, MCB!

December 14: Christkindlmarkt in Kempten

The second week of December 2008 was a cold week but on Sunday the 14th, the rain and snow held off while it made way for the sun to accompany us on our day trip to Kempten Christmas market.

The meeting point was at the Munich Hauptbahnhof at 9:45 am.  There were three new faces amongst us that day, much to our delight.  Altogether the group comprised of 14 adults and 2 children; just perfect for 3 Bayern Ticket!

The journey from Munich to Kempten normally takes about one and a half hours.  Our train that day was supposed to leave at about quarter after 10 but there came an announcement about some kind of defect, so we had to change train, and on that train there were delays plus this and that so that by the time we finally reached our destination, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon! 

Therefore, it did not come as a surprise that many of us were hungry by then.  So we went straight away to a German Wirt reserved in advanced for us by Lothar’s sisters.  The owner was very helpful and friendly.  The menu was not extensive but it was varied enough and the portion was just right.  For dessert, Jeya passed around her container of home-made Christmas cookies.    We were revived after the hearty meal.

Then we left the restaurant and walked towards the Christmas market.

The group being so big, automatically split-up to view different things at different stalls.  Occasionally, we would bump into each other and then drift off again.

It slowly got darker even though it was not that late and the cold was starting to bite, so we left, caught the direct “Alex” train from Kempten to Munich Hauptbahnhof.

Welcome, new members to the club!

My name is Jeanette Chew. I am married but have no children yet at the moment.  Although my husband and I have been to Munich several times over the years, we only moved here in November 2006 – that makes it two years now.  We now live in an apartment on a quiet street in Bogenhausen, east of Munich city just on the other side of the Isar river. We are a long way from Penang where I was born and Melbourne, Australia where our respective families are but we keep in contact regularly.  Having said this, imagining what Europe is like from the other side of the world isn’t very real unless you are physically here so we have had a difficult time trying to explain to loved ones what it means to us to be in Europe.  We try to travel as much as possible as it enhances our interest in civilizations, culture and the people – we try to make our pictures and experience tell the story.  Beyond this, I love reading, enjoying good food and animals.

Soh I-Leng is a Kuala Lumpur girl who grew up in Klang.  Her younger sister who is studying in London is also very far away from home but near enough that they are able to visit each other on this side of the globe.  I-Leng absolutely loves nasi lemak.  (Here’s a hint to those members who can cook very tasty, very real Malaysian nasi lemak).  She has been in Germany ever since January 2002 where she studied informatics in Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg.  After graduating at the end of spring 2007, she moved to Munich in November that same year and started work in Jan 2008.

 Glad tidings: New baby in the club!   

Constantin Bänfer was born on the 27/7/2008 @ 8.27am.  His weight at birth was a healthy 3350g and measured 53 cm in length.   Heartiest congratulations to his proud parents, Ng Pei Pei and Dirk Bänfer.

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