Foreword from the Club President

The Malaysia Club Bayern celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year.  We have come a long way to reach this milestone. I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank the pioneers of this club who have stayed on through thick and thin for the good and success of this club.  It is through people like you and the rest of the loyal members, as well as all future members that will see this club through many more years to come.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

January 20: Visit to the Thalkirchen Zoo

On 20th January, we decided to have a visit to the Zoo instead of our previous plan which was to go to Olympia Park for “Schlittenfahren” as there was no snow and it was a beautiful day for walking.  I am so excited because even though I am only a guest of the MCB, I was given the opportunity to write a report on the activity we had on the day of the visit.

We gathered inside the entrance to the Zoo at Tierpark Hellabrunn.  Once everybody has arrived, we headed off to look at the wild animals.  After visiting a few animals, we reached the Tigers’ Dam.  Though we had watched many mighty tigers in the television, watching them in real life was something special especially when it was feeding time.  The creepy zookeeper like the ones from a horror movie turned up to feed them with rabbit meat.

After the whole drama, we reached the restaurant about noon time so we decided to have our lunch there.  We all managed to find seats even though there were many people there.

Later on, we continued our adventure to visit the rest of the animals.  I was really interested with the zebra whereby I learned that they are actually black horses with white stripes.  I have always thought that it was vice versa.  We visited many different types of penguins.  Some were beautiful and others were weird but it is all God’s creation. 

The seals were the children’s favourite.  There was something about the seals that attracts most of the children there.  Maybe it was their friendly nature.  There were also polar bears in the zoo.  Sadly, it looked as if it is not taken well cared-of because it’s supposedly white fur is yellowish in colour and it has patches of bald skin.  We arrived at the hyena’s place during feeding time.  Hyenas do laugh!  I heard it myself.

We were at the aquarium when we were asked to leave because it was closing time.  It was also time for us to depart from the place since it was going to be dark soon.  Everybody enjoyed the visit and we all learned something new.  Some thought that the animals were meant to be in the wild but to think about it, they might not be able to survive in the wild.

Contributed by: Theresa Antonia

February 9: Chinese New Year Event

This year’s Chinese New Year dinner was held at Fuh-Guei Restaurant in Obersendling.  It was an eat-all-you-can buffet dinner with a wide variety of foods to accommodate all our different food preferences.  Towards the end of the dinner, Shirlyn, our club president gave a short and sweet speech followed by the distribution of Ang Pows (red packets) from the club to the children.

February 24: Annual General Meeting 

The Party Keller of the Eine Welt Haus was the location of this year’s annual general meeting.  There was a nice turn-out of people on this occasion.  As usual, there was an array of finger foods and a selection of different beverages (e.g.: Milo, Ipoh White Coffee, Cuppucino, jasmine tea, ginger tea…) brought by members for sharing with fellow members.  The activities for the whole year were suggested and discussed and agreed and/or disagreed upon.

We adjourned thereafter to Yap’s Chantik Malaysia restaurant in Gröbenzell for dinner.  The food he cooked for us was very authentic and delicious.  We appreciate very much the generous portions that he happily served us.  And then the big surprise from Shamsie.  Dinner was on her in honour of her birthday!  We thank you, Shamsie.

April 27: Newcomer’s Festival

The club was invited by the Newcomer’s Festival once again to perform a dance.  We had a tough time deciding whether to do it or not as 2 out of the 6 dancers have babies to care for.  In the end, we decided to go for it.  It took some sacrifice, careful time-management as well as flexibility not to mention, a lot of nerves to get the dance ready.  Meanwhile, we had Josephene to help take care of the two little ones through-out the whole practice sessions.  Many thanks to Josephene. 

The day arrived.  Hans, Jeya and Shirlyn went early to set up the Malaysia Club Bayern’s booth.  We got a very nice and strategic spot this time around.  Many members came to help man the booth.  Finally, our dance slot came and we performed to our best ability what we have been diligently practicing in the last four weeks.  In fact, it was over in no time at all.  It was fun and we were able to introduced if not a lot, then a little of Malaysia and the club made up of many Malaysians here in Bayern.

May 2: Stammtisch

The Stammtisch in May was held at Long De Garden restaurant. Its Wonton Soup is worth mentioning for it was very tasty.  Just like those you get back home! Sadly, only a handful of members turned up for this occasion.  Nevertheless, a small group does have its advantages.  We could all talk without having to raise our voices.

May 9: Dance Performance at Unterhaching Hort

After the success of our dance at the Newcomer’s Festival, we offered to dance at the Unterhaching Hort as a thank you for letting us practise our dance there previously.  Fauziah has gone home to Malaysia for holidays which left the dance group with 5 dancers so we had to improvise.  Again, the dance went well and they all appreciated our contribution.

May 18: Botanical Garten

Geplant war eigentlich einen sonnigen, warmen Frühlings - Sonntag im Botanischen Garten München zu erleben. Doch schon am Morgen war klar das (warme) wetterfeste Kleidung und ein Regenschirm unerlässlich sein sollten.

Hans, Jaya, Josephene und Lothar warteten nämlich nahezu eine Stunde am ausgemachten meeting point „Schloß Nymphenburg“ auf unsere Malaysia-Club- Bayern Freunde (ca 60 Mitglieder).  Schließlich kamen Franz, Yvonne und Kinder Stefanie und Junwei, Shirlyn und Christine mit großer Tochter Nicole und Baby Leona, die den ganzen Sonntag von einem Arm zum Nächsten gewandert wurde.

Der Weg zum Botanischen Garten setzte einen 15 minütigen Spaziergang durch den Schlosspark voraus , was den meisten jedoch nicht behagte. So teilten wir uns 2 Botanik zu 9 zu einem Museumsbesuch „Menschen und Tiere“. Bester Dinge und nassen Fußes erreichten Hans und ich die riesigen Treibhäuser mit ihren Tropischen Pflanzen. Etwa eine Stunde führte uns der Dschungel durch neun verschiedene Gewächshäuser zwischen Palmen Kakteen und Schlingpflanzen hindurch. Ein Besuch der seine 3 Euro absolut Wert war.

Gegen 4 Uhr fanden wir uns wieder zu Kaffee und Käsekuchen und Eis für die Kinder im Schlosscafe im Palmengarten auf drei Tische verteilt zusammen. Ein guter Tip für jemand der gerne mal 15 Euro für eine Tasse Kaffee mit Kuchen ausgeben möchte. Egal, was soll der Geiz! Dennoch jemand von uns war tief enttäuscht, denn die Prinzregenten Torte war ausverkauft.

Nach einer guten Stunde begaben wir uns erneut in den Dauerregen um unser nächstes Ziel in Gröbenzell anzusteuern. Im Konvoi mit eins...zwei...drei Autos fuhren wir zum Restaurant „Chantik Malaysia“ for Dinner.

Gegen 20 Uhr trennten sich unsere Heimwege, es war ein schöner Sonntag; wir haben am Ende den Regen besiegt.

Am 18. Mai 2008
Lothar Kretz

Long weekend in Amsterdam/Den Haag

Pasar Malam Besar

22-25.6 2008

On the 22nd of May 4 members of MCB (Jeya, Josephene, Shirlyn and Hans) started for a prolonged weekend to Amsterdam. We actually had joined two women (Amy and Irene) of the “Singapore Overseas Portal” who had organized this trip. The train started punctually and all the coaches were lit just by a tiny sleeping light. But right at 1 a.m. the conductor came with a loud “Fahrkartenkontrolle”, switched on all the lights and left them on until 5 a.m. At sometime a quite noisy group of young guys had entered the train and tried to keep us awake as well. Nevertheless we still could somehow manage to catch a bit of sleep.

J_and_s.jpg I_and_a.jpg
Josephene and  Shirlyn
Irene and Amy

When we reached “Amsterdam Centraal” we put our luggage in the locker and looked forward to a good breakfast. After that we had time til 3 p.m. we decided to have a good look around in Amsterdam, which lead us through various places like book shops, shoe shops, British food stuff, but at first to a huge impressive flower market with lots of blooming, fragrant  flowers;

flower.jpg buy_card.jpg
Flower Market
Josephene and Jeya watching stickers

after that we reached the Hard Rock Café Amsterdam , a special place to get some T-shirts for the  kids at home. Since it was lunch time we made a U-turn to little China Town to spoil ourselves with roasted duck and other tasty specialities.

british_shop.jpg group1.jpg
British food store
„The Girls“

Soon it was time to collect our luggage and head for the next train to den Haag. Even though we have read the time table carefully we noticed (luckily we asked the conductor) that this train was going to Den Haag but not to the Central Station. So we had to hop off and on to two other trains until we reached our Hotel in Voorburg.

After a short break for refreshments and unpacking we left to meet Maggie, a Singaporean from Holland, who had organized the tickets for the upcoming event. So we took the next train for a short outing. But instead of meeting Maggie we were picked up by Mandy, a Singaporean from Belgium, who lead us downtown, a nearly 1 hour walk. Uff that wasn’t just what we had in our mind after strolling around in Amsterdam the whole day long. Nevertheless we managed to get to the shopping Center where Maggie met us and brought us to an Italian restaurant famous for food and service.  The food was o.k. and luckily it was a warm day so that we could sit outside the first hour of waiting.

When we returned home to our hotel we met the French connection of Singaporeans, who were just leaving for the disco, but we were already too tired to join them. Next morning, right after breakfast we went to visit the Pasar Malam Besar which was supposed to start at 9 a.m. and which was supposed to become very crowded . Since the train-rails from Voorburg until Den Haag were under construction we had to use a shuttle bus that was free of charge (what a service!).

We had bought our tickets already in advance so that we didn’t have to queue up. Surprisingly there was no queue until later and the bazaar opened at 11 a.m. We all decided that since the whole place was like a huge tent-town everybody should look around on their own and that we would meet at a certain time or bump into each other anyway, which is what we did.

group2.jpgI myself first got a good refreshment with fresh coconut juice and everybody else got themselves Indonesian snacks and titbits offered for prices between 1-3€ each. For lunch we all met in one of the various restaurants. Nevertheless we still enjoyed the food and the various Indonesian specialities and I was happily eating Durian. Something I missed since our last trip to Malaysia. After four hours some of us left to have a nap in the hotel before we had to leave in the evening for an arranged buffet in Den Haag. (Josephene couldn’t join us in the evening since she had an upset stomach).

   At the bus station

TheShow.jpg cooking.jpg
The show
Indonesians cooking

The Dinner should start at 8.30 p.m. but none of us had an idea how far the place was. We finally left at 8 the hotel since the French group wasn’t ready yet. We reached the restaurant by 9p.m. We were joined by the French Singaporeans shortly after. The restaurant had prepared a nice buffet and we all enjoyed our meal and had a nice evening together.  For the last bus at 11 p.m. we had to hurry to catch it.  At Central station some of the French group left for another disco night.

Next morning after a good breakfast we left for Amsterdam. On arrival we brought our luggage again to the locker and spent the day downtown. Shirlyn, Josephene, Jeya mand I left to visit the Reijkmuseum to see some of the famous Dutch old paintings, Irene and Amy preferred to go shopping and to spend some time in the Casino. The day itself was a bit rainy and windy, so we were happy to be in the museum.

TypicalHouse.jpg museum.jpg TypicalHouse2.jpg
Typical House
The Rijkmuseum
Typical House

Afterwards we went again to Chinatown and enjoyed roasted Duck so much that we even bought two to take home. After strolling around a bit longer in Chinatown we wanted to visit the “Old Church” which was right in the Centre of the red light district, some ladies were already waiting for customers in their negligees in front of their windows. 

Since the flower market was closed we walked around a bit and saw some nice old buildings and visited a very good “Kaasladen” with a huge variety of cheese.  A small lunch in a fast food restaurant was the last meal we had in Amsterdam before we all met on the platform at to ride home on the night train.  Shortly past 8 a.m. we all arrived well in Munich and had a nice breakfast before we all left to our homes. It was a great time and we are planning to make another trip next year to Rome? Paris? Or who knows where?---

Contributed by: Hans G. and Jeya Borchart



Congratulations to Alfred and Shirley Molon on the birth of their second baby daughter, Natasha Jie Si.  Natasha was born on the 2nd of March 2008 with a healthy weight of 4010 gr and measures 56 cm in length.

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