Foreword from the Club President

The year 2007 has been a very fruitful year.  We have three babies born to three families from the club members.  Another auspicious event was the wedding of Johannes and Sarah.  Our good wishes go to all of them.

Chinese New Year 2008 is just around the corner.  May the year of the Rat bring us all good luck, good health and good fortune.  And like every year, we pray for a blessed and successful year ahead.

July 26: Stammtisch

We gathered at Rajasthan Restaurant in Unterhaching on this bright and warm Thursday evening at the recommendation from Aine.  A big group of us turned up for the Indian food which was very good but was a little on the pricey range.

At the end of the meal, there were some “problems” with one of the waiter concerning the bill and so we demanded for the manager in order to settle it.  After the whole affair was sorted out, we were all presented with a cup of espresso on the house to smoothen out any likelihood of dissatisfaction.

Contributed by: Christine

September 16: Merdeka Celebration

Our Merdeka Celebration was held once again at Westpark.  It’s becoming almost a tradition.  It was unfortunate that only a handful of people turned up as the weather was very much in our favour. 

We brought disposable grills but it did not work out like how we imagined a grill should.  Berthold says that next time, we will have to use a real grill but how we are going to manage that really interests me to know.  Whatever it was, we managed to grill some rather tough but edible meat and sausages.  We had that with homemade potato salad and some green salads together with baguettes. 

Then Shirlyn went to the café and bought each of us a piece of cake for dessert.  Just as we were about to cut into them, Jeya and Hans came and they brought her homemade apple cake with them.  And so it became from grilling event into a cake feast.

Contributed by: Christine

October 13: Stammtisch

Somebody wanted to eat Dim Sum so somebody else suggested Jade Restaurant and that’s where we went.  We took up two big round tables.  I suppose I could safely assume that the food was as authentic as it could get, what with chicken feet, livers and such.  And for that, we had to fork a little bit deeper into our wallet.

There we met Pearl, who was here on a short business trip and Ronnie’s colleague, Siva.  As usual, we talked and we joked.  It was still early when we finished our food, and we would have gone for ice-cream if it had been available in that area but there was none.  So we ordered cappuccino from the restaurant.  Well, all I can say to that is:  Never order Italian style coffee in a Chinese Restaurant!  Next time, stick to Plum Wine or Jasmine tea!

Contributed by:  Christine

November 24th: Malaysian Club Bayern’s Annual Dinner 2007

This year marks the 9th Anniversary of the Malaysian club. The club, started with a vision to foster friendships among fellow Malaysians and it’s ‘extended’ families/friends, has grown in numbers over the years. Thanks in no small part to the club president, Shirlyn Meyer!

The dinner was held at Fuh-Guei restaurant in Boschetsrieder Straße 5, Obersendling, where the entire winter garden was occupied by our presence and noise!

An opening speech was presented by Shirlyn.  She thanked all club members’ support on M.C’s activities over the year(s). She further emphasized her wish for Malaysian Club’s peaceful and successful year ahead!

Amongst the endless chit chats and eating from the wide selection of Chinese buffets, the usual ‘tombola’ was the ‘highlight’ of the night, though casually held, but definitely not less significant as everyone got excited over their ‘luck’ for the night.

In Chinese, the digit ‘9’ symbolizes ‘longevity’. Here’s a toast and wish to Malaysia Club Bayern a blessed and longevity 9th Anniversary!

Contributed by: Valerie

December 09:  Trip to Nürnberg

On Sunday, December 9th, we met at München Hauptbahnhof at 8:30 a.m. to visit the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg.  We were 7 adults and 4 children who were willing to get up early that cold winter morning to enjoy the time together.  The ride took about 2 hours which went by very fast with chatting and catching up on news.

The Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg is very famous and is one of the biggest in Germany.  The Nürnberger Lebkuchen is as traditional as the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg.  After looking around a bit we decided to stop for lunch before the children fill up their tummies with too much sweets and fast food as all the smells were getting to be too tempting for our hungry stomachs.  So we ended in a German Gasthaus where we had Nürnberger Bratwurst and “Schäufele”, a Frankish specialty.

After that we continued our visit to the Frauenkirche, a Catholic church that turned Lutheran and later purchased by the Catholic congregation.  It is famous for its carved Madonna figure as well as its beautiful paintings. 

Later on, we did some shopping and bought sweets, Lebkuchen, Früchtebrot, angel figurines and so on.  The Lorenz Kirche was attracting us with its beautiful coloured glass windows so we went in to take a look.

Rain and cold wind sent us looking for a coffee shop to warm up.  On the way there we met a group of Romanian nuns of the Orthodox Church with a very unusual but nice habit.  Our train back to Munich departed at 5:08.  Although it was very crowded we managed to get seats for ourselves.  Everybody enjoyed this trip and the effort was worth it.

Contributed by: Jeya



Geraldine and Florian Greiner became proud parents to Matthew on the 6th of July 2007.

Christine and Berthold welcomed their third bundle of joy, Leona Catharina Dambacher on the 5th of November 2007.


Johannes Borchart and Sarah Mayer

Hans and Jeya’s eldest son Johannes and Sarah Mayer got married at St. Karl Borromäus in an oecumenic wedding ceremony on the 20th of October 2007.

Forthcoming Events

Jan 20    : Zoo excursion
Feb 09    : Chinese New Year Celebration
Feb 24    : Annual General Meeting and Pot Luck
Mar 28    : Easter Celebration

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