Foreword from the Club President

This past March saw once again the election of new office bearers and committee members.  I am happy that the election process went very smoothly.  I take this opportunity to thank those committee members who have decided to opt out for this sitting and welcome the new committee members. 

We are just a small community and this club offers the opportunity of sort of home away from home.  Just like in every community, a little tolerance here and a little compassion there goes a long way in fostering healthy and happy relationships.

Lastly, a club can "only be as good as the support it gets from its members".  Therefore, I encourage you members, to continue to share your time and to take an active part in the programme and activities for the success of the club.  Thank you.

March: Annual General Meeting

This years’ Annual General Meeting for the general election was held on the 24th of March at the Eine Welt Haus in Schwanthalerstraße 80 in Munich.

It was very nice to see members who are normally very busy to attend club activities to take time off to come for the meeting.  The meeting started promptly at 2:30 pm and ended an hour and a half later with the forming of the newly elected members and the discussion of the activities for the remaining year as well as other matters. 

As usual there was an array of sweets and savories to tempt our taste buds.  There were also contribution of Kopi-O, coffee with ginseng, tea and Milo to bring the taste of home much closer.

April: Walk along Isar River

On Sunday, 15th April 2007 the MCB organized a walk along the river Isar starting from U-Bahn Thalkirchen (Tierpark) to the famous beergarden "Waldwirtschaft".

As a clear blue sky and temperatures around 25 °C - very unusual for this time of the year - everybody was in a good mood on that day. As it was also the last day of school holidays for the Easter break several children also joined the tour. Hans took the lead of the group and guided along to the destination in the beergarden.

We enjoyed the wonderful spring day although the way we took was quite busy with a lot of walkers and cyclists on tour or on the way to rest, sunbath or barbeque at the riverside.

For the children (and also some "newcomers" to Germany - who are not yet used to walk longer distances) the trip seemed never ending and needed some extra motivation by small breaks and chocolate Easter eggs provided by the club. 

After approximately two hours, we finally took the last uphill walk to "Waldwirtschaft". Here we met some more members who skipped the walk and just enjoyed the gathering at the beergarden.  Luckily we found a shaded place to sit and after the first drinks and some snacks and/or lunch everybody was happy again.

Contributed by Dirk Bänfer

May: Stammtisch

Many members were away that month so a Stammtisch meeting was not planned.  However, at the last minute, some of us decided to meet for sushi at the Kyoto Restaurant on Thursday, the 10th.  The response wasn’t good due to the short notice so instead of going out in the evening as is the tradition, the few of us went in the afternoon instead.

June: Hike to Wendelstein

Once again, our hiking trip took place with favourable weather.  Eight adult and two children took the BOB from Hauptbahnhof to Osterhofen, direction Bayrischzell.  About 1 hour and 14 minutes later, we arrived at our destination.

Once there, Berthold hiked while the rest of us took the cable car up.  At the ticket counter, we met Shirley, Alfred and Alissia who came by car.  Together we rode the cable car up to Wendelsteinhaus.

We walked around a bit and then started on the way up to the summit.  It was strenuous but the view from up there was well worth it!  We had a bit of snack there and were on the way down again to Wendelsteinhuas where we met Berthold and there we had our lunch.

After the fortifying lunch, and as unprepared as we all were, we were ready to take the challenge of hiking down the steep 1.848 meter high mountain.  Not recommended but Christine, five months pregnant decided to walk down too so off we went for the unknown...

It was steepest at the start of the way down, rather scary if you dare to look down!!!  After that stretch, the path evened out and there we could enjoy the awesome view of the greenery, the rock mountains and the perfectly clear blue skies.  It’s a sight so beautiful, you do not know what you are missing until you have seen it. 

We continued to walk down happily watching our steps in the dangerous terrain.  We were half way down.  Then suddenly a deep and painful cry!  The air stood still. We all turned around and then we knew time was calling for heroes!

There was Shamsie lying on the ground. Questions on our minds: Do we need a helicopter? Can the Bergwacht send a rescue team? No! Instead Hans rose to the challenge.  He, with his mighty strength, pulled her up to her feet.  Her right ankle was so badly sprained that even three pairs of socks could not hold the swelling down.

Lothar straight away picked her rucksack up, lifting it as though it was filled with feathers.  Immediately, Alfred started to run down the hill to organize help while Berthold was still thinking about helicopters and Bergwacht... Hans and Jeya unselfishly gave up their walking sticks to Shamsie to aid her walk.  And slowly Shamsie with the help of Hans, started to hobble down the remaining steep hill. She took the pain with grace and managed inch by inch, meter by meter, until the little restaurant at Hochkreuth where she could finally relax her ankle and enjoy her Apfelschorle. Only her strong physical and mental condition helped her to master that challenge that day.

Meanwhile, Alfred had already driven his car up till Hochkreuth where he fetched his family and Shamsie home while the rest of us slowly finished our drinks and cakes and then we walked down the last third of the way. 

There, next to the train platform, was a Kneipp foot and arm bath and since we were still early for our train, we all took off our shoes, folded up our pants and ventured into the ice cold water that flows from the mountains.  Then we dipped our arms in the arm bath and thought, lets sprinkle our face with it too.  That was a truly refreshing way to end the eventful day.

Contributed by Berthold
Written by Christine

Getting to know you

Geraldine and Florian

I am Geraldine Greiner from Singapore and my husband, Florian Greiner is German. Florian and I met while I was still studying in Singapore. After completing my studies I got a scholarship to Germany and completed my MBA in Munich.  I then found a job as Global Product Manager at BenQ.  My working status now: ex-BenQer currently employed by Train Gmbh.
We got married three years ago and are now settled down in a simple house in Oberschleissheim and are expecting our first child.  On my free time, I like to read, swim, go to the movies and eating out with my husband. Through a friend at BenQ, I got to know of the MCB homepage and checked it out and that was how I got introduced to the club.

Welcome Baby

Hearties congratulations to Fauziah and Isak Qorolli who became proud parents once again of a lovely baby girl on15 April 2007.  Marissa was born at 13:58 in Munich and she weighed a healthy 3.530 kg and measuring 53 cm.

Forthcoming Events

15th July (Sunday): Cycling Trip to Forstkasten
26th July (Thursday): Stammtisch
23rd August (Thursday): Stammtisch
16th September (Sunday): Merdeka Celebration Grill/Potluck
6th October (Saturday): Bowling
20 October (Saturday): Hari Raya and Deepavali Celebration
24 November (Saturday): Annual Dinner
15 December (Saturday): Trip to Nürnberg Christkindlmarkt

Comments & Suggestions
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