Foreword from the Club President

First and foremost, I'd like to wish all members, their families and all our friends a very Happy New Year 2007. This coming Chinese New Year is the Golden Boar year.  May it bring prosperity, good luck and good health to you all.

This past December marks the 8th Anniversary of the Club's conception.  I have been with this club from its' beginning and have seen it through its' good times as well as bad.

We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect.  We have to "give and take" to make friendships work and I am glad to be able to say that in the recent past, the members get along very well with one another and enjoy a good camaraderie.

I take this opportunity to invite fellow Malaysians both new and those who for one reason or another has left, to come (back) and join us in our gatherings.  I also wish to extend this welcome to joining us, to everybody else who are interested.

Thank you.

July 23rd: Family Sports Day

This year's family sports day was on Sunday, the 23rd of July.  We had fun with the children and also enjoyed our picnic of Malaysian local foods at Michaellibad in Ostpark.  It was a sunny day and many people turned-up.  

The meeting point was at the Michaellibad Biergarten at 11 o'clock.  The first to arrive was Franz and family.  Then, we went to find a place to sit and began to put out all our food.  There were Gado-gado (from me), Rendang, Bihun Goreng, Ayam Goreng and our President brought a few kilos of Cherries.  Of course, there were also some beers from Branco.

After eating, the children started playing football and JJ as usual, started to sing the German National Anthem.  The children also played at the playground which was not far from where we sat.

The weather was good and all of us had fun.  After that, we went to the Biergarten to have some Radler (for women) and the men of course, some Beer.  Small presents were given to the kids and at about 19 o'clock we left the Biergarten.

Contributed by: Aini

August 27th: Merdeka BBQ Picnic

On the 27.08.06 (Sunday), MCB planned its summer B.B.Q.  The early morning started with heavy grey clouds and by mid-morning it started drizzling.  Hans and I said that we will still go as planned in case any optimists like us still turns up.

Armed with plastic table cloth, disposable grill, salads, drinks and marinated meat, not forgetting a giant-size umbrella, we turned up at our destination.

Shortly after we arrived, Josephene and Lothar turned up as well but that was all of our company.  The gods must have pitied us because soon, the heavy clouds left the sun and let it shine down on us.

The four of us had a great time with loads of food and drinks which we couldn't finish.  When it was time to leave the sky must have said OK, they are finished, we can rain now because it soon started pouring! We ended the day by having coffee at my place, thinking the motto for next year will be come rain or shine; our B.B.Q. will still be on.

Contributed by: Jeya

September 18th: Committee Meeting

The school holidays were finally over and everybody has settled down again.  The committee meeting on the 18th was to discuss and finalize the programs for the rest of the year with emphasis on the annual dinner and dance.

The weather was cool and balmy after the meeting in the Eine Welt Haus, so we walked down from Schwanthalerstraße to Stacchus for supper in a small but cozy Asian restaurant behind Maltheser cinema.  Wonderful dishes at affordable prices.

October 29th: Hari Raya Potluck Lunch

"Salamat hari Raya"

"Deebavali Vazhthukkal - Ganga snanam aacha"

We were greeted with warm greetings with the familiar aroma of spices and curries as we enter into the party room.

Although it was a belated celebration, the mood was right and it was definitely a good get-together for a home-cooked makan (eating) and chatting session!  Speaking in our own familiar languages, feasting with spicy home-made dishes, it made me feel closer to home, since we arrived in Munich a couple of months ago!

The room was small but cozy, hence each of our chats were amplified and added to the party atmosphere, the kids had a great time of uncontrolled and unlimited helpings of party goodies!

Thereafter, a birthday cake was presented, a candle was lit, a birthday song was sung – it was also Aini's birthday!

In this party, a couple of new comers were introduced into the club. They (We) felt welcome to this group of fun people and have been part of the club ever since then.

In Chinese, there's a saying: 每逢佳节倍思亲, meaning the feeling of missing family doubles during festive occasions (while one is away). And what a way to celebrate our own festivals just like a big family!

Contributed by: Valerie

November 24th: November Stammtisch

Hans made a reservation for us in the Fuh-Guei China-Restaurant in Boschetsrieder Straße 51 for our November Stammtisch.

It was a Friday and so we had the Galadiner-Buffet which is a bit more expensive than the Economy Buffet on other weekdays but with a much wider variety of foods such as Dim Sum, a selection of Sushi, deep fried fish fillet, satay and many other dishes in addition to the normal fare.

After we had eaten our fill, those in the Club Committee gathered at the far corner of the table to discuss the final issues concerning the Dinner and Dance.

Meanwhile, the men ordered another round of beer while the ladies, their usual after-meal coffee and finally, we all left for home.

December 2nd: MCB Annual Dinner & Dance

We did not want to have to do all the cleaning-up after the event by ourselves anymore (like last year in the Eine Welt Haus) so we decided to go back to organising it in a hotel and we picked the Maritim Hotel in Goethestraße 7.

This years' event (like every year before it) started off with the opening speech from the Club President followed by the Malaysian Embassy's representative, our honorary guest this time was, Encik Zalafian Mohd. Dini.  We are honored that he could make this trip down from Berlin to grace our event and at the same time to offer us the Consular services.

2007 is Visit Malaysia' year and he is pleased to see our effort here in bringing together Malaysians who are away from home to be amongst each other.  It also shows to the German community how a multi-cultured community like ours could live harmoniously together.  And then he surprised us by telling us that if everything goes according to plan, we will be getting a permanent Malaysian Consular service here in Munich.

Then our MC; Hans announced the opening of the buffet. The men acted gentlemanly by allowing the women and children to go first.  This time, no more Asian food only but more towards the European cuisine such as Bouillabaise, Shitake Mushroom Consommé, Smoked Duck-meat slices with Cumberland sauce, Coq au vin, Beef fillet "Stroganov", to name just a few, and the delicious dessert with its tasty crepes and various crèmes.

After the buffet, we were entertained by a show of Hawaiian Hula Dance.  When she has finished her performance, she encouraged the audience to come up on stage to give them a taste of a few of the basic steps.

Next up on the programme was the "Door Entrance" lucky draw.  This was then followed by Jackie's group of Line Dancers performing a lively line-dance.  Once again, after the dance, the audiences were offered the chance to learn a few of the basic steps and this time, more people participated.

To keep to tradition, Shamsie did a Malay traditional dance but this time all by her courageous self.  Way to go, Shamsie!

Included in the programme were also fashion shows for children and adults.  All the participants were very ‘sporting' and made a good effort but I must applaud the children.  They were wonderful.  One or two were shy but still they did the cat-walk, the others who were not so shy, came on stage and danced.  JJ as you can guessed, did his German National anthem number while Wei Wei, sang Sankt Martin (doesn't matter that it was already December).

Finally, the time came for the lucky draw.  Some people bought a lot of draws and won many prizes; some people bought a few draws and also won.  Then there were those who unfortunately just didn't have much of the lucky streaks that night.  Congratulations go to Jeya who won the first prize MAS flight ticket.

Most people, especially those with children, left shortly after that while the remaining ones danced away until closing time. All in all, it was a successful evening where fellow Malaysians who normally do not have the time to join in the other gatherings due to work commitments and such, to come together to stay in-touch. 

December 16th: Trip to Altötting Christkindlmarkt

On a nice sunny winter Saturday a few weeks before Christmas, 9 adults and 5 children gathered at the Central Train Station for our trip to Altötting.  The train ride there took about 1 ½  hours which flew by very fast with the usual chatting and eating.

Altötting is an old historical and spiritual town with several churches built around the market place.  We visited the beautiful Cathedral and the famous small church with its Black Madonna, well-known for her healing intercession.  After that we visited the ‘Christkindl' market with the children making a bee-line for the merry-go-round which one of the members generously ‘belanja'.

The adults looked around and some decided to stock up on their Christmas Angel figurines after discovering that they were better priced than elsewhere.  As our stomachs were soon clamoring to be heard, we looked around for somewhere to eat and decided to have lunch at the town's main ‘Gasthaus' which proved to be a good choice because everyone enjoyed their meal.

Seeing that there is a holy fountain nearby, we went to buy empty bottles to bring some of the water back.  So while the children splashed themselves with the holy water, we managed to get our bottles filled.

After that the coffee-addicts amongst us started looking around for a coffee-shop but took pity on the children because they were getting quite restless.  We returned to the market and decided to make do with some ‘kueh' instead, which we bought from the stalls.

Before we knew it, it was already time to catch our train back.  It had been a very nice day and we all enjoyed ourselves. Even though it was a stressful Christmas period, we were glad to have found time for this outing.

Contributed by: Jeya

New Members

Bänfer & Wife

Ng Pei Pei and Dirk Bänfer met each other in Malaysia at their work-place, Giesecke & Devrient.  They fell in love, got married and are now living in Trudering.   Pei Pei is originally from Sitiawan while Dirk is from Wiesbaden.  She likes cooking, internet surfing and she joins him when he goes skiing and cycling.

What a coincidence that Pei Pei's father should meet Shirlyn in Sitiawan.  He told her that his daughter is married to a German and is now living in Munich.  They then exchanged phone numbers and when she came back, she and Pei Pei got in touch with each other and that's how she got introduced to all of us through the club.

Yap & Family

Yap Seng-Heng and Tham Wai Ping are both from Malacca.   He is an engineer by profession, working under long-term contract here in Munich.  They have two boys, aged 4 and 6.  She fills her time by doing housework and yoga when the boys are all away at work, kindergarten and school.  She loves german cream and cheese cake.  The creamier, the better.  A happy coincidence it was, when she met Esther in the Munich Internatioal School and got to know of the Malaysian Club Bayern.

Comments & Suggestions
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