Foreword From the President

Dear MCB Members and Friends,

It is nice to have warm sunny weather again after such a long cold winter.  We have enjoyed a full and interesting programme the last six months.  Again, my deepest appreciation to all my fellow Committee members and all the MCB members for their great support, dedication, contribution and participation in making our Club events a success.

The school summer holidays are coming up soon and many of us will be going away on holiday; nevertheless, I hope those who stay back will continue to be involved in our summer programme and for every one of us, in the rest of the year's programme.

I wish you all, MCB members and their families a very happy summer holidays.


January: MCB Committee Meeting and Stammtisch Gathering

The first committee meeting of the 2006 New Year was held on the 14th of January at five o'clock in Shirlyn's house.  13 people turned up.  The events framework for the whole year was planned at that meeting.

When it was over, we went over to Speißmeisterei Trattoria for our January Stammtisch.  It is in Pasing and is situated just a stone throw's away from Shirlyn's house so we walked there. 

One whole corner was reserved for us even though the restaurant is usually rather full.  Over the delicious food, the ladies who would be going to Milan talked excitedly about their plans.  Those who were not going talked about other things.

The evening ended after we have had a round of Italian coffee and a few scoops of ice-cream for the children.

January: Holiday Trip to Milan

Our fellow member and friend Fauziah, who works for Siemens AG, Germany, did a one year project in Milan with the contract ending in March 2006.

It was December 2005 and we ladies were once again gathered in Shirlyn's house. At one point in our conversation we started talking about clothes and how easy it is to recognize if a piece of clothing on a child is from H&M or not etc when Fauziah announced that Milan will be having its famous January Sale.  And if we liked, we could stay at her place.  It was an impromptu thing and we thought, well, why not?!

Hans found us the most affordable ticket of 128 Euro per person to and fro, from the internet.

The day of departure dawned bright and nice with the typical January crispness.  We met at the Marienplatz platform, all of us in our winter jacket.  There we took the S-bahn to the airport.  We arrived in good time and walked towards the check-in counter.  We needed to get our flight tickets since what we had were just internet bookings.

The queue was slow moving and we were getting uncomfortable in our warm jackets.  Finally our turn came.  First, there was hectic and confusion at the counter then, the feeling of disbelieve enveloped us when we were told that we couldn't fly out that day!  After all the anticipation and the planning!  We just couldn't believe it!

Reason being: a snowstorm in Milan!  The airport has closed off in and out-coming flights.  In a state of desperation we went up to the "last minute" travel counters to check where we could go instead.  The personnel who handled us must have thought we were crazy; all dressed up with luggages in the airport seeking very last minute travel destinations.   The only all inclusive destination available was Mallorca but we were not very keen.  Our clothes were all set for cold weather and we couldn't possibly wear our down jacket on the beach and walking around in our warm winter shoes!

We decided to drown our bitter disappointment with a cocktail and some rather expensive Thai food at the airport.  We tried to stay for as long as possible in the airport hoping against hope that perhaps one little flight would be open and we could jump straight in but nope!  Nothing.

Finally, we left.  But it was too sad to go home after all the excitement of the day.  So we all went t to Shirlyn's house to be with each other a little longer as well as to feast on her sweets, tea and good coffee.

February: Chinese New Year Dinner

MCB celebrated this year's CNY celebration on the 4th of February which was a Saturday in Kam Lung China Restaurant at 18:30 pm.

Five round-table-full of members attended this auspicious dinner of 9 course meal.  The dishes were decided and ordered well in advance with the request that the food be cooked as authentic as possible.

Richard's fiancée gave a brief explanation in Mandarin on the reasons why we celebrate Chinese New Year.  Shirlyn translated what she said into English for those of us who did not understand Mandarin.

The MCB sponsored each member 5 Euro or a maximum of 10 Euro per family towards the cost of the food.  Nice gesture from the Club as this is a time of goodwill and giving.



March; MCB Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of MCB was held at the Eine Welt Haus on Sunday the 12th of March 2006 with 10 various members present.

For those who attended, they were presented with a wide array of delicious finger foods and calorie-laden sweet things.

The meeting came to a close after 1 ¾  hours.

April: Walking Trip to Johanneskirchen

On April 23rd, we went on a walking trip to Johanneskirchen (near Daglfing). It was a lovely and sunny morning with the birds chirping away.  During our walk, Richard highlighted and explained many different types of birds that we had seen.

Half way through our walk we encountered one or two horse ranches.  The horses seemed quite hungry, so we decided to feed them with some grass which was quite fun for the children and some adults too!  Afterwards we stopped for an ‘Easter Egg Hunt' for the children - keep them busy for a while!

Finally, we arrived at the Biergarten.  Everybody was feeling hungry, hot and tired.  Richard had kindly arranged the food in advanced - it was fresh salmon and potatoes with a home made Hollandaise Sauce.  The owner was very friendly and quite accommodating to us.  The children enjoyed a little break playing on the grass and had some yummy ice-cream.

Then we continued walking to the bus stop off to Riem Arcaden but Richard had to shoot off as he was flying to China that evening.  To round the afternoon off nicely, we stopped there for a coffee and had some delicious cakes before everybody headed for home.

Contributed by Shammina Wright

May: Newcomers Festival

When we were informed of this event, we knew we couldn't afford the booth there so Shirlyn called them up to decline the offer.  MCB was then offered a free booth if we could in return, offer to perform a dance on that day.  So the ladies started practicing four weeks before the Big Day with Shamsie being the dance co-ordinator.

The Newcomers Festival is an event organized to welcome Bavaria's International Community.  It was held on Sunday 7th of May at the Praterinsel in Munich from 1 to 6 pm.  The weather was very nice and that, I'm sure, partly contributed to the high turn up from the community.

The admission was free; there were various workshops, many exhibition stalls and a long list of entertainment to keep the public curious and interested.  As for the little ones, there was a Children's corner filled with children's program to keep them occupied.

May: Stammtisch

Many of us have not tasted real Vietnamese food before so we went to Vinh's Restaurant at Leonrodstraße 29 in Neuhausen on the 25th of May to get a taste of it.

We were impressed with the décor and also with the proprietor himself.  Since we wanted to taste something authentic and didn't know what to order, Vinh suggested cooking up a course dinner for us.

This consisted of each a bowl of beef noodle soup followed by shrimps and veggie poh piah (soft spring rolls), then meat pieces (pierced together like satay) with lots of Asian.

raw salad and finally a tasty fish dish.  The dishes were served together with rice.  The portion was allocated very fairly that each gets enough to be full and happy.

The night was still light and the air was warm and we weren't ready to go home yet so somebody suggested going for coffee at some other place.  We found a Gelataria a few paces away and had very good ice-cream and coffee to finish off that warm summer night.

June: Committee Meeting

The June Committee Meeting was called to discuss the plans made beginning of the year in more detail.  It was held on the 21st of June at 7 o'clock in the evening.  Shirlyn bought us all a round of soft drinks so that we do not drink from our self- brought drinks and risks getting reprimanded by the Hausmeister.  Thank you, Shirlyn.

Food, it is almost like an integral part of all our gatherings.  After the meeting was over, all of us ladies walked towards Hauptbahnhof to look for supper.  We found another Shere Punjab there and the waiter who waited on us charmed us with his Asian hospitality.

June: Hiking trip to Tegernsee

On 24th of June MCB met at Hauptbahnhof and took the BOB train to Tegernsee. It was a wonderful sunny day. There were only five of us: Jaya and Hans, Josephene, Shamina and Shirlyn. Later Yvonne and Franz with their two children joined us at lunch time. We were talking so much that the 1 hour drive there flew by very fast. The ladies even forgot to use the toilet in the train so they all had to queue up at the train station.

The sign showed ½ an hour to our destination. But after ½ an hour of walking along a shady beautiful stream with waterfalls and with tiny Bachforellen in it, the sign still showed another half an hour. But finally after ten minutes of walking up and another 20 minutes of walking down we arrived at the restaurant Schützenhaus. It was a very old building dating back to the 18th century. The food we ordered took a long time in coming and unfortunately the ones who ordered the Zanderfilet weren't happy with it. It was swimming in a lot of sauce and didn't look very appetizing.

After lunch we all walked down to the lake except Franz and Yvonne who drove down with their car. There we went on a 1 ½ hour boat trip with coffee and cake. After that we went to the Schlosskirche but there was a wedding going on, so we just had a peek and left for the museum. Franz and family left for home.

After the museum which showed the history of life in Tergernsee valley we left to take the train back home which was quite empty because of the football match going on. We had a nice and enjoyable day and we were tired but happy. We hope to have a bigger group joining us for the next hiking trip to who knows where?

Contributed by Jaya.

Welcome MCB's New Members

Brand Family

Diana and Stefan Brand are German nationals who lived in Malaysia for many years.  They met each other during their studies at University Nuremberg.  Both studied economics.  After graduating, they moved to Munich where Stefan started his career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  Later, he headed the BCG office in KL.

Diana, on the other hand, worked in the Ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich but had to quit her job when they moved to Asia.  During their stay there, she worked occasionally at economic research institutes and universities in Seoul and KL (University of Malaya).

After moving back to Germany in 2001, Stefan quit his job with the BCG and started his own company.

As for Diana, she realised that in Germany, it is not possible to have a regular job with 3 children.  That is why she founded her own company where she can work from home.  Her e-shop is: "salacca-Lifestyle Asia Shop".  She sells Boh Tea and other goods from Malaysia as well as other Asian countries (visit her website at:

Diana and Stefan live with their three children; Constanze (12), Sonia (11) and Charlotte (7, born in Malaysia) in Unterschleißheim.

When she has time to spare, she likes to play tennis, go jogging and also travelling.  Where to?  Of course, Malaysia!

Thanks to the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin; it was through them that Stefan and Diana got to know of the Malaysia Club Bayern.

Kao Family

Esther Lim who hails from Petaling Jaya and her husband, Justin Kao who is originally from Setiawan, got to know of the Malaysia Club Bayern when they visited the Club's booth at the Newcomers' Festival which was held in May this year.

Justin works in Moxa Europe GmbH while Esther is a stay-at-home mother of 5 years old twin boys, Isaac and Caleb

Upcoming Events

July 23 (Sunday): Family Sports Day cum Picnic
August 27 (Sunday): Merdeka Day Celebration (Grill & Pot Luck)
September 29 (Friday): Stammtisch
October 2  (Monday): Octoberfest
October 29 (Sunday): Hariraya Potluck Celebration
November: Stammtisch
December 2 (Saturday): Annual Dinner& Dance
December (to be confirmed): Christmas Baking

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