Message from President

Dear MCB members and Friends,

Malaysia Club Bayern e.V. has all the reasons to celebrate the past year as a harmonious, eventful and exciting 2005.Once again I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep and sincere appreciation to all my fellow Committee members and all the MCB members for their great support, dedications and contributions in making 2005 so enjoyable and successful.

For those who did not manage to take part in any of our 2005's activities, we are looking farward to seeing you in the year 2006.

I wish all MCB members and their families a very happy, healthy and blessed NEW YEAR. 

Family Sport Day on 10th July 2005

10th July 2005, weather report cited that ‘’the weather is sunny on Sunday’’. Shahar and Lior woke up that morning, all excited about the Family Sport Day that was going to take place in West Park … President Shirlyn called before 8.00am to ensure that we knew how to get there.I prepared my noodles for the pot-luck.

Guess what! The sky was overcast and then it started to rain.

It was already 9.30am. Still raining…..I didn’t think the rain were ever going to stop. So ….. I called Shirlyn about  the Sport’s event. All she said was ‘’lets come to my place,  we will have the sport’s day at my place!’’ Can you imagine!!  Thank God we have a generous president who happens to have a huge House to house all of us.

By 12 o'clock, lots of people turned up.  Each person had brought delicious food to share. We had egg rolls, curry puffs, sambal eggs, nasi remak, fried mee and noodles, sushi. Then we had fruits and cakes as well. Everything  turned  out very well.

The children had fun. We had Angelina and Soo Wise to play with Shahar and Lior. Hans orgarnized the games for the kids to participate while the adults were busy catching up with the latest news. The house were full of people, some sitting at the dinning table, some chatting in the living room, some joking in the kitchen….around twenty five people. The rain was drizzling outside, and we were busy in the house.

After ‘’Makan’’ session, Shamsie was leading a group to practice some Malay dance for Richard’s birthday party. Shirlyn turned on the Chinese music for cha cha dance. Then, Richard’s friend, Kathy  sang solo. Boy! She has a beautiful voice, almost as if it was from the CD player.

Everybody started leaving Shirlyn’s house around 5.00pm, after the rain has stopped. I am sure that if it was not for the rain,more people would have turned up for the Sport’s day at West Park …….

Review contributed by Angela Moyal.

Richard’s Birthday Party

The Malaysian Club members were invited to Richard Ganter’s 50th birthday on the 11th of July 2005.  The dinner party was held in Canton Restaurant in Schwabing.

It was pre-arranged that the food served would be as authentic as possible and it was.  There was the traditional soup as starters.  The dishes that followed after that had some parts of the main ingredient: authentic Peking duck.

For example, there was a dish with crispy Peking duck skin with crackers.  Then there was the Peking duck cutlet dish such as chopped drumsticks etc.  Followed by Peking duck meat cooked with broccoli and other vegetables.  We also had the “long life” dumpling, a dish very typical in auspicious occasions.    After that we had fried rice and dessert to further fill our stomach so that all of us went home with sated appetite.

Cathy, a friend and guest of Richard from China , sang beautifully, two Chinese opera songs for him.  Frank , Richard’s Mandarin teacher and friend, read in Mandarin the summary of the book which he gave him as a present.  And other gifts from his other guests.

As for the Malaysian Club members who attended his birthday that night, we collectively gave him a complete set of Chinese cookery wares consisting of the smallest item such as Chinese soup spoons and chopsticks to increasingly bigger items such as bowls, plates, a wok, a rice cooker and we did not forget: a receipe book!

Now he has ample opportunities to show us his cooking prowess in the Asian kitchen. 

Hans and Jaya were rather torn between attending Richard’s birthday celebration and declining the invitation to celebrate Christian Borchart’s birthday.  In the end everything worked out well as both the birthday boys celebrated their birthdays at the same place.

Review contributed by Christine Tan 

August Stammtisch

Variety is the spice of life.  We followed this wise quote and went to a Spanish restaurant for our August Stammtisch.

Here’s a little bit about the restaurant.  It’s called El Espanol and is situated in Haidhausen, Pariser Str. 46.   It was recently awarded the Gastro Award for the best Spanish food in Munich.  Luckily the price was still alright despite of  this award.

I do not recall what everybody ordered but I think the majority of us had the traditional Spanish paella.  I cannot remember how much it cost, but I think it was fair with its assortment of seafood and big prawns.  The portion was also more than enough.

Richard ordered a variety of “Vorspeisen” and thanks to him we could all try the different types of finger foods.  It’s happy hour everyday from 5 pm – 8 pm and since we were already there before 8 pm, we had the chance to get ourselves a little tipsy and more into the Mediterranean mood.

At roughly the time when people would have finished their dinner, they started the flamenco dance.  It was very impressive.

All in all, we had a nice time, like we always do, when we get-together.

Review contributed by Christine Tan 

Farewell Dinner for Johny Isuh (16th-July-2005)

It was a lovely weather and I was glad to be able to make it this time for a gathering with the Malaysian community in Munich . Especially pleasant was to have honourable guests from the Embassy Encik Zalazfian Mohd. Dini and family and of course Encik Johny Isuh together with his wife.

Around 20 adults and 6 kids from the Malaysian Club namely Qorolli family(my family), Blattenberger family, Kretz family, Shirlyn, Peter Daniel, Angela with mum,  Aine Leiner, Lydia and Ah Fong managed to participate in celebrating the farewell of Mr.Johny Isuh, the man who has  rendered a lot of assistance and  services to us, Malaysians living in Germany.

The event was held at Kam Yi Restaurant located at Rosenheimer Platz. The evening kicked-off with general chit-chat until the arrival of the Guests. We all had a lovely time especially in getting to know Encik Zalazfian’s family and Johny’s wife. Well what had started must come to an end and so was the evening as it was bedtime for the kids.

So Shirlyn made the Farewell Speech to Johnny and that marked the end of a very enjoyable evening.

Review contributed by Fauziah

Merdeka Day (28th August 2005) 

On the 28.8. MCB celebrated Merdeka Day in West Park with a pot luck, grill and picnic. 

About 20 members and friends turned up to spend the day together. A few brought their disposable grills along with enough meat to share  while others brought fried mee hoon, salad and other tasty edibles. So no one went hungry.

The children had a great time running up and down the hill and to the lake to feed the ducks. So we had to hide some brezels before it got all fed to the ducks.

The party then broke up with some of the people continuing to the Biergarten for coffee or nice cold beer and cake while some other families decided to stay and continue grilling.

It was all in all an enjoyable get together worth repeating next year.

Review contributed by Jeya Borchart

Trip to Schliersee (24th September 2005)

Punctually at 9.15 on Sept 24th the train left to Schliersee. 12 members  and 6 kids have joined the trip. Richard, who has formerly planned that excursion couldn’t join us as he had to be in China . It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed the scenery passing by. We left the train at Fischausen/Neuhaus and wanted to walk back to Schliersee village but we were quite surprised that the restaurant “Gasthaus Kögel “ had a lovely sign at a.m. station :500m to the right. So we decided for only half a round tour. At first sight of the lake some children felt like hiring a rowing boat, but the  “shop” was closed. So they had to “suffer” the hard walk but, we kept them busy by throwing stones into the lake, plucking flowers and  just playing with water. Can you imagine they did it without getting wet from top to toe.

After 2 ½ hours we arrived at Gasthaus Kögel which served delicious food and a cold beer or softdrink, which we deserved. Shirlyn’s son suddenly fell from the swing at the playground . That was a real shock for him, his mother and his sister. Luckily he was not seriously injured .

Right after that  we left the restaurant and decided for a motorboat trip to Schliersee, which was really a good choice. As we still had time left until the train departed we went for a cup of coffe with or without cake and Shirlyn and her kids finally got the chance  to row a boat from the shore to the middle of the lake. The train to Munich was so fully packed that we even couldn’t enter it so we decided for the next train to Bairischzell and went then back again via Schliersee to Munich . Even though two ladies thought that they had the right  to interfere how Franz brought up his children, we still can look back and say:”we had a great day!” So long and hopefully see u again when its time for our next excursion. Who  knows where and when it will be!?

Review contributed by Hans Borchart

Annual Dinner & Dance 2005

On the 12th November 2005 members and friends of MCB gathered in the Eine-Welt-Haus in Munich to celebrate the D & D 2005. Nearly 80 people were attending this function.

As guest of honour the Committee invited Counsellor Mr. Haniff Omar and his family from the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin . Unfortunately our Mission Ambassador and his wife were not able to attend D & D this year.

The evening started with a Welcome Speech from the MCB’s President Mrs. Shirlyn Wok Meyer, who presented a summary of all the activities organized by the Committee throughout the year. The 2nd speech was given by Counsellor Mr. Haniff Omar.

After these speeches the guests were provided with an excellent buffet of Thai specialities.

After a short break the guests were entertained with the traditional Malaysian dance, called Rambong, performed by several Committee members and friends.

The guests were then kept busy and entertained throughout the night with a children fashion show, games, limbo rock, Mr. and Mrs. MCB 2005 contest.

Fergus did an excellent job as Master of Ceremony in a fun light hearted and entertaining way.

The night finished off nicely with the lucky draw, comprising 1 MAS air ticket Frankfurt – KL- Frankfurt, 3 nights accommodation in a deluxe hotel and other exciting presents.

MCB would like to thank all the sponsors, Committee Members and friends for their hard work and dedication in ensuring a most successful and enjoyable evening.      

Review contributed by Shamina Wright & Christian Borchart

Malaysia Club Bayern e.V. wishes to express its deep appreciation and thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support in making our MCB Annual Dinner and dance 2005 a success.

Acknowledgement and Thank You to:- 

Embassy of Malaysia , Berlin
Malaysia Airline System 
Tourism Malaysia
STTS Software Tuning Technologies, Mr. Richard Ganter
Kyoto  Japanisches Restaurant- Heimeranplatz 2
Saloon OSSA- Rindermarkt 2
Siemens GmbH
Mrs. Shirlyn & Dieter Meyer
Mrs. Shammina & Michael Wright
Mrs. Josephene & Lothar Kretz
Mrs. Jeya & Hans Borchart
Mrs. Aini & Gerald Leiner
Mrs. Peggy &Christian Rosenbauer
Ms. Shamsie Willmertinger
Mrs. Yvonne & Franz Blättenberger
Ms. Annie Liew 

"Barbing, Where is it ? ".

Almost everybody from MCB was asking this question when we have heard first time about a cultural event of Malaysian people living in the greater Regensburg area. “Yes, most of them are working for Infinion and they are inviting us to join their November 19th all day long party. They are mostly interested in our dancing and traditional costume show”, this is what Shirlyn Meyer told us.

So we planned a trip with two cars for that Saturday morning. Almost on time we left Munich and enjoyed an easy trip with a short coffee break on the way. To our surprise we found a city hall in Barbing with a large stage. More than 400 guests were to come and everybody there was busy preparing for the next few hours.

It was great fun from the beginning. MC Shamsuddin Aziyah and Vikneswaran as well as DJ David Kam and Tang Khang Seng did a great job. From the attached overview you can see the program they were guiding us thru.

When our female MCB members started they performace it really turned to become a Malaysian happening. What did they wear ? Here the answer :

Shamsie was wearing Baju Kepaya Renda, Shamina / Baju Kepaya Panjang, Ainie / Baju Kepaya Pendek, Jeya / Indian Penjabi, Asfa / Baju Kepaya Modern, Christine / Chinese Chongsam, Shirlyn / Chinese Traditional Costume.

A long buffet on both sides of the entrance pulled the attention of everybody around midday. Chatting, taking photographs, watching the performers and making new friends.

A great day where you could see a lot of smiling faces and big eyes of children being among the audience.

In the end most of us held some prizes in the hand and it wasn’t really the moment to go home immediately. So all of us agreed to have a cup of coffee shortly before arriving in Munich . A perfect idea before calling it a day.

Personal note of the auditor: “There will be another Barbing in 2006 … and then more of us should go there”.

Event Time Item/ Title Performer Name
Introduction of Malaysia Video show 11:30-12:30 Fascinating Malaysia Tourism Malaysia
Lunch served 11:30- onward Instrumental music  
Speech by Managing Director
Dr. Ploss
Dr. Reczek
Mr. Tan Soo Hee
Dr. Thomas Neyer
12:30-12:40   Tan Soo Hee
Traditional costume show 12:40-12:55 Traditional costume parade Josephene from Sabah, Shammina from Png, Shirlyn from Perak,
Aine from Png, Shamsie from KL, Jeya from KL, Christine from Png and Asfa from Kuala Trengganu
Indian stick dance, Indian traditional dance 12:55-13:10 Kolattum 1. Vikneswaran.
2. Shankar
3. Yogeswaran
4. Pubalan.
Joget-joget, Malay traditional dance

(Bunga manga start then the dance start, just briefly introduce the Rambong dance with Bunga Rampai Dance. Introduce all MCB members at the end and make some introduction on the MCB club).

MCB - founded in Munich in 1998, with membership consisting of malaysian, germans, Asians and other europeans nationalities.As non-profitable club, objective of the Club is to get all together and foster friendship and exchanging news and view among members.Several culture events had been organised as to promote the culture mix and make friends with people froma all wlaks of life.
13:10-13:30 Bunga Manga


Bunga Rampai
Josephene from Sabah, Shammina from Png, Shirlyn from Perak,
Aine from Png, Shamsie from KL, Jeya from KL, Christine from Png and Asfa from Kuala Trengganu
Tele-match stage game 13:30-14:00    
Musical Instrument performance 14:00-14:20 Singing un-plugged Wagner Christian
Tai-chi demonstration 14:20-14.35 Tai Chi Demo Stefan Gallus
Gift and prize giving ceremony 14:35-14:55    
Traditional game and customary demo 15:00-16:00 Game demo Chinese Chess
Mah Jong
Event closing 16:00    

December Stammtisch and Franz’s birthday celebration

Friday, December the 16th, was the day of the Orkan and heavy snow-storm.  Still, we turned up for Franz Blattenberger ’s birthday celebration cum December Stammtisch.

All the 23 members who were present were all cozy and warm inside the Wok & Roll Restaurant while it continued to be snowy, windy and cold outside. 

Friday is Ladies’ Night at the restaurant so the ladies had their dinner buffet for 2 Euro less than the gentlemen.

I suppose many of us know this restaurant by now so I don’t have to mention the varied and delicious not to mention, value-for-money dishes that were offered.  All the ladies had a glass of mocktail (that’s cocktail without alcohol) and the men were served a glass of plum wein each.

Once our appetites were satisfied, we all gathered around Franz to sing him the traditional birthday song, much to his slight embarrassment, I should say.   Nevertheless he took it well.  The Malaysian Club Bayern gave him a present as a token for this event.

At the end of the evening, we all had a lovely double surprise when we paid our bills. We found out that Franz took the tab for our first round of drinks and the second surprise was a gift package consisting of a bottle of plum wein and a year 2006 Chinese calendar from the restaurant.

Review contributed by Christine Tan

Welcome Baby

Heartiest Congratulation to Rosina and Joachim

on the birth of their new born baby boy.

MCB wishes family Sturm and baby Kyle a very happy life together.

Upcoming events

12th March: MCB Annual General Meeting
22nd April: Easter Celebration
20th May: Ausburg Trip
2uth June: Hiking Trip
22nd July: Family sport Day cum Picnic
26th August: Merderka Day Celebration (Grill & Pot Luck)
14/15th September: October Fest
October(date to be confirmed): Auerduld
25th November: Annual Dinner & Dance
9th December: Christmas Baking

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