President’s Message

Dear MCB Members,

Time flies and half of the year 2005 has just flown by. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep and sincere gratitude to the new Committee and all MCB Members for their hard work, dedication and the great contribution for the past months. Those were happy, harmony, eventful and exciting 6 months. Your excellent  continuing support for the future will be sincerely appreciated.

I wish all the members and their families a happy summer holiday, good health and happiness.

Annual General Meeting

This year’s Annual General Meeting was held on 27th February 2005 at EineWeltHaus. More than 30 members were present at this meeting. It was a very successful and peaceful meeting.

Congratulations to the newly elected Committee Members. With the help and support of all our members MCB should reach new heights in the years 2005 / 2006.

MCB Committee 2005 / 2006

Front row : (left to right)  Josephehe Kissol-Kretz, Shirlyn Wok Meyer, Hans Borchart, Franz Blattenberger
Second row; (left to right)  Jeya Borchart, Aine Leiner, Shammina Wright, Shammina Wright, Shamsie Willmertinger, Gerald Leiner
Last row: (left to right) Alan Toh, Richard Ganter

President: Shirlyn Wok Meyer
Vice President: Hans Borchart
Treasurer: Franz Blattenberger
Secretary: Josephene Kissol-Kretz

Committee Members
  • Shamsie Willmertinger
  • Jeya Borchart
  • Aine Leiner
  • Alan Toh
  • Shammina Wright

  • Gerald Leiner
  • Richard Ganter

Message from the president

Thank you all very much for electing me as your new president of the MCB and the vote of confidence by this action. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all the members and the outgoing committee, for their hard work dedication, and the great contributions they have made for MCB.
I intend to do my very best to ensure that the MCB is a happy, friendly, and extremely successful club that you can all be proud to be members of. The MCB is your club, and ask for some of your time, expertise and constructive feedback, but above all your excellent continued support, all of which will be sincerely appreciated.

Shirlyn Wok Meyer
Malaysia Club Bayern e.V

Committee Members' Profile

Shirlyn Wok Meyer has been the Club’s Treasurer from 1998 to 2004, she is now the President of MCB. She is coming from Sitiawan, Perak and moved to Munich in 1989. She lives in Pasing with her husband, Dieter and their 3 children. She’s a dedicated and determined lady who not only devotes her prime time to her family and friends but  has also made great commitments and contributions towards the club ‘s events & activities .

Hans Borchart was born in Berlin and  is married to Jaya. Hans works for Siemens AG in Munich.  They have 2 grown-up sons named Johannes & Christian, who are studying and living on their own. Hans and Jaya  live in Forstenrieder Allee.

Josephene Kissol-Kretz from Penampang Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia is married to Mr Lothar Kretz a German man originally from Bodensee. She worked as a Special Ed Teacher in Malaysia as well as in  Philly (USA ) before she came to Munich 5 years ago. Her hobbies includes reading, listening music a nd window shopping.

Franz Blattenberger works for Siemens.  He married to Yvonne who is from Petaling Jaya, Selangor. They have 2 lovely children, named Franz Xaver Jun Wei and Stefanie Xiao Qing. He was MCB Auditor from 2002 - 2004, He is now the Club’s Treasurer.

Shamsie Willmertinger’s hometown is in Cheras but she has lived in Munich for the last 30 years. Shamsie  speaks fluent German and works for Siemens as a Call Center Agent. Reading, movies and travelling are her favourite past-times. She joined MCB in 1999 and she is an active Committee Member from the beginning. Her continuing support for the future will be sincerely appreciated

Jaya Borchart left Malaysia in 1973 and did nurses training in London. Jaya came to Munich in 1976 after having met Hans. She worked as a nurse for 13 years in a hospital in Munich but  has stopped  due to work pressure. She has more time  now for her hobbies which are reading, listening to music, going to the movies.

Allan Toh is originally from Kuala Lumpur, but is living in Munich for more than 30 years. He works as a cook at Siemens Canteen in Munich. His hobby is jogging at Westpark, close to his home in Laim.

Aine Leiner is married to Gerald Leiner. She came from Penang to Munich in 1998. They have one son, named Jakob (JJ). She likes the Biergarten in Munich , but she also loves to cook typical Malaysian food. Her famous dish is "Nasi Lemak".

Shammina Wright arrived in Munich on August 2004. She is here due to her husband (Michael) work commitments in Munich. She has a lovely cheeky daughter called Angelena who is 8 years old. Shammina was in a hotel industry before she went to further her studies in the UK for 4 years. Her favourite pass time is reading. She also loves cooking, badminton and dining out.

Richard Ganter is an original "Münchner", tracing back to 7 generations of history. He is still a very eligible bachelor.  After leaving school,  he joined Winterthur, a Swiss insurance company. He also worked for software companies in California and Massachussetts. This was a stepping stone to his career, which led him to establish his own company "Software Tuning Technologies" in 1999. This is an achievement to be proud of. Richard loves traveling and has been to more than 85 countries in 5 continents. He is a fan of Asia. Richard’s hobbies include cooking, cycling and learning.

Gerald Leiner  worked for Siemens in Malaysia from 1995 to 1997. Now he is happily settled down with his family in Unterhaching. He loves the typical Malaysian food, especially those prepared by his  wife.

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2005 - Year of the Rooster on 12th Feb. 2005

MCB and its members welcomed the "Lunar Year" in Yuen-Mun Restaurant on the 12th February 2005.

The dinner celebration was attended by more than 40 members and friends.

The menu comprised of a sumptuous 5-course dinner, consisting of: Crab Meat Soup, tinted Fish fried with Green Beans & Celery, Crispy Duck with mixed Vegetables, Minced Meat with Bean Curd and Steam Fish followed by Fresh Fruits and Fried Banana for dessert. After  the lovely dinner the guests relaxed and took opportunity to mix and catch up with others in a friendly atmosphere.  Richard generously bought a around of drinks for us to finish off the night.

Thank you to Ah Faun who has make a great effort in ensuring that it was an enjoyable evening.

Review contributed by Shamina

Trip to Salzburg on 3rd April 2005

Our trip to Salzburg was a huge success. The weather was beautiful and everyone was in a good mood. We all met at  Hauptbahnhof  consisting of 13 adults plus 4 children.

The journey was about 2 hours but seemed shorter because there was a lot to chat  with tit-bits being passed along the rows in our compartment. In Salzburg we took a day bus pass so that we could hop on and off as we liked. We got off at the main square, spotted  a few Chinese restaurants and compared prices for our lunch later. Then we took a long steady walk up the steep hill to the castle, which took us about 3/4hour. Yvonne and Franz did a great job pushing the kinderwagen and helping their son Wei Wei simultaneously. Shirlyn’s mum set us a good example  of untiring walking so we all didn’t complain.

We visited the museum, which was very interesting an enjoyed the lovely view of the surrounding Area. The walk down was faster and easier and we were really glad to sit down for a good well earned lunch, because we were really hungry by then. After buying some souvenirs, Mozartkugeln etc and looking aroung a bit some set down for coffee in the square while others preferred to explore some more.

Soon it was time to take the bus back to the station and the train departing to Munich. To the sound of one snoring we had a quiet and relaxed ride home. It was an unforgettable trip and we are looking forwards future trips.

Review contributed by Jaya

Cycling trip to Forst Kasten on 15th May 2005

Even though no one announced he/she would be coming to our meeting point I still cycled  there to see if anyone would come. But no one came!

Fortunately Josephene, Lothar and Richard said that they would come to the beer-garden in Forst Kasten by car so they picked up  Jaya  and  I at  the subway station at 11. a. m. But what a pity the navigation system doesn’t show any subway stations. But nevertheless after some time they still managed to pick us up and  to find the beer-garden as well.  We made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the beer, Pfingstochsenbraten or Käsespätzle  typical Bavarian dishes.

A Blasmusik-band was playing nice songs of the 50th and 60th and at round about 1 pm. we got some support from Janet and June and their husbands who came all the way down from Nürnberg. So we chatted and ate and had a really great time for over four hours.

What do we learn from this? Even without bikes a bikes-tour can be fun and  enjoyable day.

So long then until next year!

Review contributed by Hans G. Borchart

The Evening at a Persian Restaurant or The Belly Dancer's Night on 26th May 2005

Sometimes you want to do something completely different.

During one of our committee meetings the question came up "Why not  have an Arabic night this year ?" It was easy for me to take over activities as a business partner of mine carries Persian nationality. Mr. Abbas Chamani helped to get in contact with the owners of an authentic Persion restaurant. I think he was more than proud to let him establish this link. The place we were talking about from the beginning is easy to access with U-Bahn. Near Munich's Hauptbahnhof and as a matter of fact they don't serve pork meat at all. First of all I had checked their internet page. Have a look  for yourself: It is an impressive place. But to be honest it was an almost never ending story to negotiate conditions for our event..

During the first meeting I was talking to the senior boss. He designed a package for us including a Belly Dancer. After that talk it was my turn to work out the number of participants from our side. ´ !!! Pilgrims, in future please respond to a query from a club asap. We are not a last minute club and it certainly doesn't help the one who organizes something to have no numbers till the very end !!! Anyway it turned out that the junior boss started to negotiate conditions all over again. Suddenly he wasn't willing to provide free entertainment any longer. Sometimes I got the feeling that he would even like to sell a herd camels to me as well ... It wasn't really fun any longer because I was sitting between two chairs. But you want to hear better things.

Here we go. We were gathering at this downstair restaurant on May 18th at 6:30 pm. We had our separate section with an attractive water fountain in the middle. I remember that we have started with onion chunks and bread. Pretty unusual but everybody got used to in no time. A variety of cold assortements introduced everybody to a different world of nutrition. How did you like the beans ? What is that ? Have you tried it before ? Abbas Chamani jumped from table to table introducing especially females to eating habits of his land. It was exciting. The main course was a selection of skewers. Three different kind of meat. Tasty vegetables and there were still onions left. Suddenly some pitchers full of drinking yoghurt appeared. It almost ended up in a drinking contest. Unbelievable. But voices were raising regarding the major performance. When will the Belly dancer come ? And we didn't even have dessert. Strange kind of ice cream flavored with rose water. Interestingly enough nothing was left after a couple of minutes. Also needless to say that the Belly Dancer was late. She was accompanied by her coach and her manager.

Three ladies acting as a team. And you know the moment when everybody stops talking in a restaurant. Background music starts and there she was. All I can remember that I have seen a lot of bright eyes. Eyes of our club members of course. It was impressing how the young lady seduced several males from our side to donate money. She was also focusing on me and I really thought it's easier to open a bra rather than feeding a bill into it. But somehow I have managed to follow her speachless instructions. Our ladies almost got out of control. Clapping hands. Not sitting on their chairs any longer. Swinging and having fun. Some of us were forced to support the dancer's show. Abbas Chamani was best. Too my surprise she didn't stop. Not at all. Almost 45 minutes of Arabic music and the wish to come back to this place. I have heared it from many of our members. It was a memorable evening indeed. And I might not forget to tell you the rest of the story. Our nice dancer wasn't from Persia. She was Turkish.

Review contributed by Richard Ganter

Hiking Trip to Partnach Klamm on 11th June 2005

The weather on 11th June 2005 was what we were hoping for but not what we expected.  It was forecasted to be rainy and cold, instead we had a nice and sunny day.

Nine adults and two children turned up at the Hauptbahnhof on that Saturday morning for the trip to the Partnachklamm.  Many homemade goodies were passed around in the train in that 1-hour journey to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Once there, we walked past many houses and the Winter Olympic Stadium until we arrived at the place where you could take a short horse-carriage ride to the entrance of the Klamm.

But we all decided to walk, and it was worth our while.  The weather was warm and the scenery was lovely with the sound of running water from the river parallel to our way.

Then we reached the beginning of the Klamm.  After paying the entrance fee, we started walking into it.  We walked alongside the river.  At some places we had to walked inside a cave-like enclosure and because it was dark, you had to feel your way through it.  Having a little torchlight here would have been fun and (truth be told) would have been less scary.

For the weak-hearted, they should just walk straight ahead because the current was rather strong and even choppy in some parts.  An over imaginative mind isn’t helpful either.  On one stop on the way up to the Klamm, there is a memorial of a few people who died in the 1800’s due to some lumber work or other.  While walking. along the Klamm on an especially choppy part,you could imagine how those guys fell to their death roughly two centuries ago.

After the upward adventurous walk of the Klamm, we came out into a warm and sunny opening where you could picnic next to the calm flowing river.

We started to dig into our bags for a light snack after the little adventurous walk but somebody announced that we should start heading for the restaurant to avoid the lunch hour peak, so we dumped our water bottles and snacks back into the bags and moved on.

For the next 20 minutes or so, we had to walk, part, climbed up many stair-like flights of steps There were the usual, ”Aiyoh, are we there yet?" and “Aiyah, where is the restaurant?” questions thrown out every so often.

Finally we could sit ourselves down at the table to eat and drink..

After having rested, some walked down the same way and the others used the cable car.  We were shocked by how much they were charging!   What used to cost 2 DM is now 3,50 Euro.  For this price they could at least maintain the windows of the cable car for it was so badly scratched by works of vandalism that you could hardly see through it.

We all met again at the cable car end station.  Then we started our walk back but stopped at the Olympic Stadium.  The café in the stadium was like a magnet to us.  We just had lunch not too long ago but suddenly our stomach had space again for a slice of cake and/or a cup of coffee, Some had ice-cream.

Time was getting short so we quickly paid and left in a bit of a rush.  We did not want to miss our train.  And we did not.  In fact we had about 12 minutes before the train left the station.

Phew!  We were all tired but happy we made the trip and suddenly, sardine sandwich was passed around and somehow there was enough space yet again in all our tummy.

Review contributed by Christine Tan

Malaysian Evening on 26th June 2005

On the 26th June, weather was excellent, I walked in the Eine Welt  Haus, party keller, was shocked to see such an over whelming crowd, sitting patiently, waiting for the party to start! Party!!! Yes, our Malaysian Club was holding a Malaysian Night party for whoever is interested in Malaysian Local Food here in Munich.

At 5.00pm when our president, Shirlyn Meyer declared that 'the party begins', every body crowded around the food counters , bought the food that they had been missing from Malaysia. Talking about food!! Mmm.....yummy! We had Shamsie and Aine selling traditional Malay Food at one corner, and  Ah Fong, Ann, Kristin and Angela selling traditional Chinese food and Nonya kuey at the other corner.

Our main chef  that day was probably Ah Fong, as she spent two days preparing many different kind of food. She made egg rolls, rice and chicken tofu, vegetable, fried noodles,prawn crackers, agar-agar and some other kuey. Thanks to her afford that we got to enjoy so much variety.

Aine's Nasi Lemak had probably the longest queue. Shamsie had prepared a set menu from main dish to dessert. If you did not try Shamsie BoBo ChaCha, you would have been sorry! Kristine also prepared pasta Salad which blend in some oriental spices Next, Angela brought her home made soya bean milk.Her little girl, Shahar she next to her selling gummy bear to the children.    Can you imagine?, we had almost 80 adults and children crowded inside this small party keller. It was  quite warm, but no one seemed to be bothered, as everybody was busy enjoying the food and talking to their friends.

The children ran around playing with each other. We are so please that even our Malaysian friends from Regensburg, Humburg and Niederbayern drove all the way down to participate in the fun. Also, we had our member's  relatives who just came here from Malaysia for holiday. Everybody was very supportive, they enjoyed the food, and they even bought back for future consumption.

The party lasted for three hours. I am sure everybody went home happy and full!

In Conclusion, we have fun!!! Lots of Fun! Should we do it more often? I'll say; "Yes!"
Review contributed by Angela Moyal

Upcoming events from August to December 2005

28th Aug. 2005: Merdeka Day Celebration
17th/18th Sept. 2005: Trip to Schliersee
25th Sept. 2005: Trip to BUGA 2005 & Stammtisch
16th Oct. 2005: Trip to Bamberg
12th Nov. 2005: Annual Dinner & Dance 2005
31st Dec. 2005: New Year Celebration

Welcome to all new members

MCB welcomes all newly joined members of the Club. We are looking forward to see all of you at one of our coming functions.

Lai Yeen & Axel Penning

I am Yeen, a full time housewife.  I come from Kampar, Perak, West Malaysia.

After graduated from UM (University of Malaya), I had worked six years as Administration Manager in a Taiwan Electronic factory where I met with my lovely husband.

My husband, Axel Penning originates from Edemissen, Lower Saxony, Germany.

He has an Electronic Engineering degree and work as Technical Manager for  EMV TESTHAUS GmbH in Straubing. After graduated he worked around 6 years in Asia. He had been worked in Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and China.

Our little girl, named Soo Wise and she turns eight in August. She is attending class 1 in local primary school and will go to class 2 in September.  Soo Wise speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and German.

21st December 2003 we moved back to Germany and settled down in Steinach, Bayern. Before that we have lived around 3 years in Taiwan.

Steinach is a little farm village located in Bayerischer Wald Nature Park. The living environmental here is wonderful. We enjoy the peaceful and simple life here very much.

My hobbies are traveling, reading, cooking , cycling, cross country skiing and gardening.

We get know of Malaysia Club Bayern through Embassy of Malaysia in Berlin.

We have become members of Malaysia Club Bayern,march 2005

We hope in the near future we can join some activities organized by Malaysia Club Bayern and look forward to seeing all of you!

Articel contributed by Ong Lai Yeen

Fergus Rea

Fergus was born in Scotland and has, and continues to work, in the IT field around Europe. He has travelled extensively around the globe and has even enjoyed the cultural delights of Malaysia, in KL and JB. Fergus came to Germany in 2000 and has been in Munich for 3 years. He enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle with motorcycling and skiing and snowboarding. He has two daughters, the youngest of which he has had the pleasure of recently introducing to the club. Fergus joined the club last year and has been active in his presence within the club.
Comments & Suggestions
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