Message from the President

Dear MCB members,

A club can be only good as the support of its members. May I ask you to continue to take an active part in the clublife and support your volunteers - the MCB committee - by your presence at all functions and events to meet old friends and make new ones. MCB brings people together.

Members are encouraged to come forward and share their time and expertise with the committee to help run the club successfully.

MCB offers the opportunity to have a home away from home. We are only a small community and all the more that we should try to develop and enhance the friendship among ourselves. Some positive thinking and tolerance go a long way towards a united front and a happy peaceful atmosphere in the club.

A sad note: Three committee members resigned, namely Jean, Sada and Thana. We thank them for their efforts and contribution to the club and wish them well in their future undertakings.

Christian Rosenbauer, outright in his ways and a pleasant personality in MCB has been appointed the new Vice President by the Committee. He has kindly offered his time and services to serve the club.

Last but not least, may I appeal to all members and friends of MCB, other fellow Malaysians to show their support for MCB.

The survival of MCB depends on you. So please come and join us make the club a better place for all of us.

Our new Vice President introduces himself

Hallo MCB Mitglieder,

als gebürtiger Münchner bin ich seit 2000 Mitglied im MCB. Ich arbeite als selbständiger Elektrotechnikermeister. Obwohl ich beruflich sehr beschäftigt bin, werde ich mich bemühen aktiv am Clubgeschehen mitzuwirken.

Auf schöne und friedliche gemeinsame Zeiten.

Freut sich
Christian Rosenbauer

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2004 the Year of Monkey    

MCB and its members welcomed the new LUNAR YEAR in Kam Yi Restaurant at Marienplatz on 25.01.2004. More than 30 members and friends gathered together to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Everyone enjoyed the 6-course-lunch which was partly subsidized by MCB. The menu consisted of chicken soup, crispy duck with plum sauce, sweet sour fish, mixed vegetables, spicy beef, tofu with prawns and fried noodles.

The event was organized by Soo Fun, who put in great effort to make it an enjoyable experience for all those present. She surprised everyone with her delicious Tiramisu which turned out to be the hit of the day.

Terima Kasih, Soo Fun and keep up the spirit.

Unter dem Monsun on 7 Feb 2004    

Under the Monsoon, organised by the Kulturreferat Munich was a series of events consisting of talks, exhibitions, music shows and cultural performances which took place from 04.12.2003 till 05.05.2004.

It covers information from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Tibet etc.

Such events brought different people and cultures together.

The participation of MCB was supported by Tourism Malaysia, Frankfurt and of course, by the MCB committee and many members.

Brochures and other information about Malaysia as a tourist destination went like hot cakes!!

Potluck Party at EWH on 24.04.2004    

It was a pleasant Saturday morning when Soo Fun and the organizing team met together in the EWH, to prepare for the party.

Richard, a new member and Branko had to get the drinks from a shop, because the restaurant in the EWH was closed! Everyone worked hard to make the event a success. The food was delicious! All the ladies were able to show off their cooking skills - chicken curry, egg sambal, nyonya kueh, Indian savoury cake, chicken and beef rending, fried chicken, vegetable quiche, vadai and many other dishes.

MCB bid farewell to our Advisor and Ex-President Yap on this day.  Yap has been a loyal supporter of MCB and we wish him all the best for his business venture in Malaysia.

"Happy Birthday" to Jackie and Yap who both turned 50 in April. Each got a cake and some trick candles which did not extinguish at all!  We wish them good health, happiness and lots of luck for the next 50!!!

Once again the credit goes to Soo Fun who organised and coordinated this get-together. She worked really hard and we should be thankful to have such a dedicated member in our club.

For those who missed it, don't worry, there will be more potlucks to come!!!!! Make sure you mark your calendar for the next MCB event.


Getting to know you    

Richard Ganter joined MCB early this year. He is an original "Münchner", tracing back to 7 generations of history. He is still a very eligible bachelor, so all you eligible girls out there, take note!

After leaving school, he joined Winterthur, a Swiss insurance company. He also worked for software companies in California and Massachussetts. This was a stepping stone to his career, which led him to establish his own company "Software Tuning Technologies" in 1999. This is an achievement to be proud of. Richard loves travelling and has been to more than 85 countries in 5 continents.

He is a fan of Asia. Richard's hobbies include cooking, cycling and learning foreign languages. Beware, he speaks Mandarin and Korean! It will come as no surprise if he speaks Bahasa Malaysia in the near future!

Richard is a staunch supporter of MCB functions, despite his tight business schedule.

Events lined up for the next few months     

Stammtisch for May and July 2004, held on the last Friday of the month
At Kam Yi Restaurant, Rosenheimer Platz (Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn Station) at 7 pm.
Please call the Coordinator, Peter Daniel for further details: 089-423876

Cooking Demonstration on May 21 at 10.30 am

Hiking and walking tour on 12 June Saturday

Cycling Trip on 11 July Sunday

Merdeka Day celebration on 29 August Sunday

Ander Art Cultural Festival on 25 September 2004

Minutes of the MCB e.V. Annual General Meeting     

Minutes of the MCB e.V. Annual General Meeting
held on 14th March 2004 at the Eine Welt Haus,
Schwanthaler Str. 80 in  80336 München.

There were altogether 23 members present.
Jackie, the President agreed to Mr. Sada chairing the meeting as requested by him.
He called it to order at 2.30 p.m.

  1. The number of members present was recorded and their eligibility to vote was determined.
  2. President’s address

    Jackie welcomed all the members and thanked them for their active participation. She also thanked committee and ordinary members for their contributions and efforts put in to make club organisation and events successful. There were many events organised last year through the efforts of the committee members and the support of the ordinary members. She listed some of the events:

    a.      Chinese New Year Lunch
    b.      Deepavali Lunch
    c.      Cycling Trip
    d.      Annual Sports event
    e.      Dinner and Dance

    She praised the work of the committee and the cooperation extended to her.

  3. Jean V. proposed that the minutes of the last AGM be approved. As there were no objections it was unanimously approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Report:

    Shirlyn presented the financial report as at 31.12.03 as follows:
    Income:       1.920,91 Euro
    Expenses:     2.125,28 Euro
    Loss:           204,37 Euro
    Balance:      2.984,31 Euro

  5. Peter Jenus, on behalf of his co-auditor Franz Blattenberger, stated that the accounts were audited by Franz and him and found to be in order. 

    Hans B. proposed that the Treasurer’s report be passed and as there were no objections the report was unanimously approved.

  6. The annual subscription was fixed at the previous year’s rates.

  7. Proposed resolutions.

    1. Yap was of the opinion that MCB should have done more than just sending a condolence card to Toni Yuen's funeral in Malaysia and attending the church service in Germany. He said MCB did not give equal treatment as in Toni's case, because MCB donated Euro 100 to Michael Schneider's funeral.
    2. By a vote of 11 for and 7 against with 5 abstentions the following resolutions were passed:
      1. the Baby Gift was fixed at Euro 20,- per child in Gutschein
      2. Donation by the club for funerals of members was fixed at Euro 50,- each in cash

  8. Amendments to the Constitution:
    The following amendments to the constitution were unanimously passed:

    1. Article 13 (1) was amended to read that the AGM shall be held in the month of  March every year.
    2. Article 7 (2) was amended to read That the membership fees shall be paid in advance for the year, not later the date of the Annual General Meeting.
    3. A new Article 7(3) was included as follows:
      Membership in the club shall be valid from 01.April  to 31st March the following year.
    4. Article 8 ( C ) shall be amended to read as follows:
      A member who has not paid his membership fees latest by the date of the AGM shall be struck off the list of members without further notice.

  9. Other matters arising

    1. Jean brought up the matter of an anonymous postcard sent to her. No one at the AGM owned up to it. The committee regretted that such actions are being carried out and advised members to refrain from it. The committee also stated that it cannot play detective and advised Jean to refer to the police if she wants to.
    2. Jean also brought up the matter of an email written by Soo Fun to her which supposedly contained certain allegations. Jean read out part from that email as "proof" that Soo Fun was the culprit for the postcard. After a heated discussion the members present resolved that:

      1. they were not interested in pursuing the matter further
      2. that this was a personal matter between the 2 of them and that it did not involve fundamental matters relating to the running of the club
      3. Hans proposed that Jean and Soo Fun appoint 1 member each of their trust and that the 4 of them resolve the matter amicably.

    3. Homepage: Jackie stated that the Homepage was being reorganised with a new Webmaster as Jean was unable to continue due to health reasons. Jackie and other members mentioned that it was most unfortunate that Jean deleted the contents of the Homepage before handing it back to MCB. Last year Jean had been paid Euro 242,66 for the Internet charges from the club’s funds.

      Upon handing over the homepage to the club Jean had deleted the contents of the homepage claiming that the contents were her property.  Many members voiced their disapproval against this. Christian said that voluntary service to the club does not entitle the member to claim ownership of the club’s property. Jean claimed that she had not received any payment for her work because she had agreed to do it for the club free-of-charge. She only claimed the Internet charges. So the homepage is the property of the club and not her’s.

      Alfred Molon volunteered to make available to the club all pictures of past events which are still in his possession. The President  stated that she was saddened and disappointed with Jean’s behaviour. However the club shall carry on with renewed spirit.
As no other matters were on the agenda, the Chairman thanked all members for their attendance and contribution and closed the meeting at 4.15 p.m.

Prepared by R. Sadacharam, Secretary

Signed: Jackie Mischkulnig, President

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