Thanks to Aine and Toby’s connection to the Hort in Unterhaching, we managed to get the use of its dining room and its sports hall for our sports and potluck day. The “fee” to participate was a potluck dish. It was very nice to see that every inch of the buffet table was taken up with delectable Malaysian dishes.

We started off with the sports part. Toby did a splendid job in organizing the various games. It was a lot of fun. A few did not participate in the games because they had to take care of the little ones, but those who did, enjoyed themselves immensely.

We went back to the kitchen/dining area for the second part. It was feasting time. There were so many yummy Malaysian foods. And plenty to go around. We ate to our hearts content. Then we all went back to the sports hall for the prize giving. That marked the end of the program. Together we all cleaned and brought the place back to rights. We are very thankful to be given that opportunity to use the Hort facilities.

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