As usual, we all met at the Munich Hauptbahnhof very early in the morning to catch the train to the Christkindlmarkt in Salzburg. We thought being early would enable us to have ample sitting places. Little did we know, many winter sports people had the same thoughts so the train was full.

Anyway, we reached Salzburg without any mishap. We then took the bus to the town centre. Upon arrival, we looked for a typical Austrian restaurant and found one. Well, we donít know for sure if that was a typical Austrian restaurant or not but they had Wiener Schnitzel on the menu, so it was definitely not a Chinese restaurant.

Then we went to the Christmas market. There our group split up so that we could each go at our own individual pace. At the appointed time, we all met up again. Some bought trinkets for remembrance, some bought sweets, some just browsed, and then Shirlyn showed us her tea for relieving stress.

When we have had enough of walking around in the cold, we retreated into a nice warm coffee shop. Some of us had coffee, some hot chocolate and those of us who had space in their tummy to spare, had cake to go with their drinks.

After that, we walked across one of the 3 main bridges to the other side of the town to take the bus that would bring us back to the train station. From there we boarded our train which brought us back to Munich.

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