Hans and Jaya Borchart, I-Leng, Josephene Kissol-Kretz, Shirlene Wok-Meyer and I, met on the 28th of June at 7.30 on Sunday morn, to travel to Königsee for the day. We started out despite the rain and cheered each other up along the way on the train with coffee, biscuits and nuts. We changed trains and were lucky enough to be able to share the Bayern ticket with fellow passengers who were kind enough to allow us to ride on their ticket. Finally after a couple of hours on the trains and a short bus ride, we arrived at the breathtaking Königssee, where we boarded the ferry for the short ride to the isles of St. Bartholomew.

The island is a National Park, which has survived the ravages of many past storms but Nature is allowed to revive and resurrect herself in all her glory of the tall pines, the crystal clear ice cold water which has a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius even in the summertime. Königsee is truly a lake that is maintained in all its natural glory with the surrounding hills and mountains shutting out all interruptions of motor cars. Motor boats are not allowed, no water skiing or surfing. Fishing is only permitted to the owners and inhabitants with special passes.

The Captain of the ferry surprised and entertained us with his trumpet to which we heard the echoes. It was a wonderful experience, even to hear the waterfall sparkling and tumbling on the rocks and down the cliffs edges. This was a rare experience for all of us and the wonder of nature silenced us to listen and revel and rejuvenate ourselves in its magnificence. Hans was our mountain climber of the day and left us ladies to enjoy our coffee, cake and hot chocolate while he explored the mountain a short way up.

I-Leng was our photographer of the day and her pictures, we hope will take your breath away and assist us in organising another such trip. We feasted on a wonderful, healthy meal of fresh fish, grilled and served with lemon and finished off with cake. Finally, tired out, we set off on our homeward journey, but, not before we bought souvenirs from the Mountain Crystal stores at reasonable prices. Berg Crystal chains and bracelets found their place in our shopping bags. We reached Munich safe and sound, after a lovely day. I for one enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to many such trips. Our warmest thanks go out to Hans and to all who arranged the trip and the tickets and the printing of the timetable and so on.

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