The 2009 Annual Dinner & Dance was held at the Bürgersaal in Forstenried. Many people were disappointed with the food served. Okay, duly noted. Of course that tended to dampen the good mood and atmosphere. Then came the programs for the evening which one could see has definately no influence from the caterers. It was authentic MCB program. The evening started off with the president giving a short and sweet speech. She then read us the letter from the Malaysian Ambassador which he has kindly written and sent specially for this occasion explaining why the Embassy could not attend this year’s dinner and also His Excellency’s support in the clubs’ continual success.

Waiting for the food to be arranged on the buffet table, we were kept in anticipation with the Door Ticket draw. Three lucky winners received their gifts. As for those we didn’t win, well, better luck next time. A small group of Malaysian women members has diligently been practicing and produced an admirable medley of Malay, Chinese and Indian traditional dance. JJ did an impressive Michael Jackson impersonation. The little ones in the club showed amazing courage by singing to the crowd; Franz Jr. and Stefanie sang an African song while Alicia gave a great rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

The place was spacious, so much so that the children could move about freely. And later on, there was a lot of dancing both on the stage and on the dance floor followed by the Lucky Draw. So while the food was less than satisfactory, I think I can safely say that we all had fun meeting and being amongst each other.

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