This year marks the 9th Anniversary of the Malaysian club. The club, started with a vision to foster friendships among fellow Malaysians and it’s ‘extended’ families/friends, has grown in numbers over the years. Thanks in no small part to the club president, Shirlyn Meyer!

The dinner was held at Fuh-Guei restaurant in Boschetsrieder Straße 5, Obersendling, where the entire winter garden was occupied by our presence and noise! An opening speech was presented by Shirlyn. She thanked all club members’ support on M.C’s activities over the year(s). She further emphasized her wish for Malaysian Club’s peaceful and successful year ahead!

Amongst the endless chit chats and eating from the wide selection of Chinese buffets, the usual ‘tombola’ was the ‘highlight’ of the night, though casually held, but definitely not less significant as everyone got excited over their ‘luck’ for the night. In Chinese, the digit ‘9’ symbolizes ‘longevity’. Here’s a toast and wish to Malaysia Club Bayern a blessed and longevity 9th Anniversary!

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