This years’ Annual General Meeting for the general election was held on the 24th of March at the Eine Welt Haus in Schwanthalerstraße 80 in Munich. It was very nice to see members who are normally very busy to attend club activities to take time off to come for the meeting. The meeting started promptly at 2:30 pm and ended an hour and a half later with the forming of the newly elected members and the discussion of the activities for the remaining year as well as other matters. As usual there was an array of sweets and savories to tempt our taste buds. There were also contribution of Kopi-O, coffee with ginseng, tea and Milo to bring the taste of home much closer. Here is the new setup:

President: Shirlyn WokMeyer

Vice President: Hans-Gottfried Borchart

Secretary: Josephene Kissol-Kretz

Treasurer: Franz Blattenberger

Committee: Shamsie Willmertinger, Jaya Borchart, Aine Leiner, Christine Tan, Ng PeiPei

Auditors: Peter Daniel, Dirk Bänfer

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